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We’ve always known that King’s Lynn has some outstanding places to go for a coffee but even we were really impressed by the service we received at TJ Hughes Coffee Shop today.

Served by Kim, we had a cream tea, a sausage roll and two coffees, so not exactly big spenders. Kim really made us feel special, she took time to explain about the Vancouver Quarter discount card and about their own coffee loyalty card. We were asked if we would like the sausage roll heated up, not waiting for us to ask if this was possible.

I would point out that we were not holding up a queue of people and I had already noticed the kind way in which she had spoken to the gentleman in front of us, he walked away from the counter smiling.

So often do we all moan about bad service that we felt we had to say a really big “Thank you and well done for turning a quick coffee stop into a pleasurable experience”

*Sadly, since writing this review T.J. Hughes and the coffee shop have both closed down. We wish the staff all the best for the future!


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