Review ~ A Pamper Day in King’s Lynn

I was recently invited to take part in a “Looking 10 Years Younger” experience with three local businesses that have teamed up to give the complete package. I will leave you to look at the result and judge for yourself but I came away feeling like a million dollars and with the confidence to face anything life wanted to throw at me.

Make Over Before


Make Over ~ After



First stop was Aphrodite Spa Pedicure’s where I was greeted by joint owners Francis Bone and Vivienne Overland who explained what was about to happen. On looking around I could see there were six tanks and was assured that care of the fish is very important and that regular checks as to their welfare take place.

My feet were carefully checked for any infections, obviously if I had anything contagious like a verrucca I would not have been able to put my feet in the tank, sigh of relief as I was given the all clear.

Fish SpaI soaked my feet in warm water before placing then carefully in a tank with 100 small garra rufus fish. Oooh it tickled quite a lot to start with but apparently giggling is allowed. After a few minutes I found myself just relaxing and really enjoying the experience, it was fascinating to watch the fish nibbling at dry skin between my toes.

All too soon my 15 minutes was up and it was time to remove my feet from the tank and have them towel dried. This was followed by approximately five minutes excellent massage to each foot which was very soothing, no tickling this time. The finishing touch was to have both feet thoroughly moisturised, leaving them feeling soft and smooth.

Having been handed a card giving the origins of garra rufus pedicure I walked on to my next session feeling totally relaxed and very pampered.



My newly shaped eyebrows

Now time for a quick breath of fresh air as I was escorted a few buildings along the street to Aphrodite Nails & Beauty, here I was met by Kelly who was about to give me a full facial treatment.

I was led into a room with soft music and dim lighting and invited to lie down on the massage table.
Kelly asked if I liked natural products and explained that she was going to use The Herbjar collection to cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturise my skin. Each of these in turn smelled and felt really good on my skin and both my face, neck and head were all expertly massaged.

I have always been a wimp when it comes to pain and was, to say the least, quite nervous when I realised that waxing my eyebrows was all part of the deal. Kelly realised this and carried out the waxing followed by plucking a few strays as quickly and professionally as possible and I can truly say it was nowhere near as bad as I had anticipated.

The final moisturiser contained beeswax and felt absolutely wonderful as it was applied and I was told that the yellow colour would give my skin a natural glow as well as making it feel good.

Time now to see the results. I just couldn’t believe that my skin could look so amazing in what felt like a very short time, I was really glowing and although my eyebrows were a bit red (I hadn’t had them shaped for over twenty years) I certainly loved their new shape.

A glass of cold water, some advice on aftercare and a leaflet about the products completed my treatment.


Hair Make-overTime for a little more fresh air on my way back to GlamourZ. I had already met Siobhaun, Jess and Debbie, all of whom are very bubbly and passionate about hair, when I popped in a few days previously for a patch test to make sure it was safe to put colour on my hair.

Siobhaun discussed colours and styles with me and it was agreed to go for chocolate brown with red highlights. This was achieved by colouring some of my hair and wrapping it in foil, followed by both Siobhaun and Jess applying a solid colour to the rest of my head. Anything involving chocolate sounds good to me!

Forty five minutes later it was time to have my hair washed and then settle in front of the mirror to watch the scissors in action. Having long hair I am always a bit concerned that those scissors will slip and I will end up with a much shorter style than planned, but no, the styling was perfect. My grown out fringe was used to mark the start of feathering the length around my face and I was fascinated to watch it taking shape.

Time to blow dry and then finish off with straighteners and smoothing products to get rid of my normal frizzy appearance.

My usually scruffy, greying hair had been transformed. It was now a rich luxurious colour, had a beautiful shape to it and looked very sleek and up to date.


Make-UpCarole at Aphrodite Nails and Beauty then sat down with me to discuss make-up, she advised that we go for a natural look, which I thought sounded good.

Using ID Bare Escentuals she started with concealer to even my skin tone, followed by a fairly light foundation and a dusting of blusher.

My eyes were given two shades of green shadow to highlight them with just a little brown eyeliner and mascara.

A natural lipstick to even up the tone of my lips and then a gloss.

Wow, Carole seemed to work quickly but what a difference. The finished result was that my skin appeared very even and light and it was a look that would have taken me anywhere.


Make Over NailsKelly was to be my manicurist and started by filing my nails, soaking my hands to soften the cuticles and then pushing back and removing the cuticles. I had to look away as she approached my cuticles with clipper like things but again it was in my imagination and there was no pain at all.

I really enjoyed the hand massage followed by my nails being buffed. Kelly explained she was using an oily cream to buff as it is good to keep nails nourished for strong healthy growth.

We agreed I would have pink varnish and I felt like a child in a sweet shop trying to decide which pink to have, there were so many to choose from and I finally decided on Orly Sugar Plum. A base coat was applied before the colour and a top coat after so as not to stain my nails and to make the varnish last longer. I now had nails that I felt I wanted to flash around and make sure everyone saw how pretty my hands had become.


The only thing left to do now was to take photos of my finished look, as the song says “What a difference a day makes”. I had a wonderful day, enjoying every minute of it, everyone I met was kind and attentive, quickly putting me at my ease. I would definitely reccomend both their individual and team effort to anyone, be it for a special occasion or just as a lovely pick me up.


Aphrodite Spa Pedicure – * This business has now closed.

Aphrodite Nails & Beauty – 25 Tower Place, King’s Lynn
Contact – Carole, Kelly or Shannon on 01553 691816

GlamourZ – 38 Tower Street, King’s Lynn
Contact – Siobhaun, Jess or Debbie on 01553 768689



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