Spotlight on … Sophie!

We asked Maltese singer Sophie about her recent visit to King’s Lynn …

Sophie at Festival Too
Sophie on stage at Festival Too. Photo: Kevin Elfleet

We normally feature local personalities in our ‘Spotlight’ interviews, but decided to make an exception with Sophie, as she has “totally fallen in love with King’s Lynn”, and plans to visit Norfolk again soon!

What was it like performing before the Kings Lynn crowd on Friday 6th July?

Performing in Kings Lynn and in front of such a fantastic audience was a great opportunity and experience! I loved every minute of it. The crowds were so warm, lively and friendly, they made me want to be a better performer and gave me the energy I need to do that with. I usually get a little bit nervous performing in front of such a large crowd, but I think the way in which I was treated and greeted by everyone made me feel right at home! 🙂

You come from Malta – are you a very well known singer over there?

Malta is such a small yet beautiful Island, and I love flying the flag wherever my music takes me! Back on the rock (as I call it) I have lots of loyal friends who support everything I do and none of this would be possible without them! In fact all of Malta’s performers have such a great bond with each other and with the Maltese people, which I think is a lovely thing to see and vitally important!

Have you been on TV in Malta?

Yes, I have been on TV in Malta quite a lot! Back in 2009 I was actually a resident singer on a popular Maltese TV show known as ‘Hadd Ghalik’. TV is so much fun, I learnt so much from being in that environment; you never stop learning new things!

You have recently moved to London?

Yep! I’ve moved in with my sister, Charlotte, for the summer! This move was made so that I could be available for all the different gigs, events and festivals I have lined up in the next couple of Months! It’s so exciting, I’ve never been so far away from home for such a long period of time, but since UK is my second home I’m doing just fine!

What song do you enjoy performing the most?

To be honest I don’t think I prefer performing one song more than any other! I enjoy myself so much when I’m up on stage that even if I was singing a Nation Anthem or something, I’d still have a great time.

What singers would you say have influenced you?

I think it would definitely have to be artists like Rihanna for her performance skills, Beyonce for her amazing dancing (whilst singing beautifully) and Jessie J for her unique song writing! However although these current ladies influence me very much, there are also the Legends that have a particular impact on me musically, and these are; Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye and Frank Sinatra.

‘Sunny’ has been covered by people like Cher, Boney M, Georgie Fame,
Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald. So what makes your
version of sunny different from previous covers

Well, I would have to say that I would never even try to compare myself to artists like those mentioned above, however in my opinion; my version of ‘Sunny’ is unique and fresh! Having given it my own twist, something we call ‘Sophifying’ I could safely say that your going to hear ‘Sunny’ in away you have never heard it before, it’s ‘Sunny’ from my angle! The outcome of the track has really excited me, and I hope that everyone else who hears it is just as equally as excited as I am!

There is a new album on the way too? What can we expect to hear on it?

That’s correct, there is an album on the way (very soon), it is an album that along with a great team, I have been working on for almost 2 years now! It’s going to take the listener on a journey of my life so far and all the ups and downs that comes with it! Throughout my UK Summer Tour, I will be performing numbers from the album, which are mainly original songs and a small amount of covers, the album will also feature my single ‘Sunny’. Anyway let’s put it this way, it’s going to be an album not to be missed! 🙂

Do you write any of your own material?

Yes I do write my own material, in fact almost all the lyrics featured on the album are written by me (which makes it very personal), and I have also written a couple of the melodies on there too, which is why it makes the opportunity of having my own album so special to me!

Where can people buy your music?

Anyone who is interested in purchasing my singles and album can find them online in stores such as i-tunes, Amazon and Tesco entertainment! However more details can be found as to exactly when and where my music will be available can be found on my website at

You are on tour in the UK, performing at 20 different carnivals and
festivals – what are your best bits so far?

You know what, it’s too hard to pick the best moments so far! It has been such a fantastic experience to have the opportunity of traveling to different parts of UK and sharing my passion of music with the public and making so many new friends. In fact I think that would have to be one of the highlights so far, making so many new friends and meeting some truly amazing people!

What happens after the tour? Will you be staying in UK? Performing
more gigs? Making more albums?

What happens after the tour? Who knows?! We have many plans in mind which we could try and follow, but I’m a very spontaneous person and love feeding off from different things, so before we decide and finalize what the next step is going to be we would like to see how things go with this first big step we have taken with the tour this Summer. One thing for sure is that you’ll be hearing lots from me some time in the very near future (don’t forget that)! 😀

* Sophie will be returning to Norfolk for two more appearances – At the Norwich Pride on 28 July and the Swaffham Music Festival on 26 August.