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Yes! Shakespeare did visit Lynn.

William Shakespeare at the Guildhall.

During the course of his research for a presentation that introduces a screening of the film ‘Anonymous’ at the King’s Lynn Arts Centre on the 6th September, Dr Matthew Woodcock of the University of East Anglia has assembled evidence that substantiates the local legend that Shakespeare once came to King’s Lynn.

Through piecing together archival, textual, and circumstantial evidence, Dr Woodcock makes the case for including Shakespeare among a company of players who performed at St George’s Guildhall (part of the modern Arts Centre complex) when they visited the town in the early 1590s. King’s Lynn was a popular stop for touring theatrical troupes in this period and it is exciting and rather inspiring to think that Britain’s greatest playwright may trodden the boards in the town.

First released in 2011, ‘Anonymous’ offers a fictional exploration of the theory that Shakespeare’s works were really written by the Earl of Oxford, and Dr Woodcock places the film within the context of our long-running fascination with the whole authorship question.

King’s Lynn Arts Centre Director, Liz Falconbridge said:

‘This really is the most exciting news! We have always been proud of the supposed connection with Shakespeare, but now we really can promote the venue using this academic research – it’s perfect for the King’s Lynn Arts Centre Trust’s new audience development campaign!

Anonymous (PG12) will be shown at the Guildhall Theatre, King’s Lynn Arts Centre.
Free introductory talk by Dr Matthew Woodcock for ticket holders.
Thursday 6 September 7.30pm £5 (£4.50)

Tickets available: 01553 764864


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