Celeb Interview ~ We chat with Elkie Brooks

Elkie Brooks

Ahead of her concert in King’s Lynn, we spoke to one of the most successful and popular singers the UK has ever produced. The one and only Elkie Brooks …

You’re appearing at King’s Lynn Corn Exchange on Friday, and I believe you like to have a look round the town when you come?

Oh I always do. I always get there a day before and check it all out, then I’m nice and relaxed for the evening.

So whats happening in the world of Elkie Brooks at the moment?

Well, my autobiography is out at the moment and I’ve also re-released my album Powerless. We sell the books and the albums at the gigs. I’m also planning another album. It’ll be one step on from Powerless featuring the material I’m now collecting and other stuff I’ve been wanting to do for many years, and original material that I’m writing with my son Jay. It’ll be our fourth album together.

Youve had some really Massive hits – Lilac Wine , Pearl’s A Singer, Don’t Cry Out Loud, Sunshine After The Rain, No More The Fool, but I think my own particular favourite is Fool If You Thinks Its Over – what’s your favourite?

Yes I do like Fool If You think It’s Over. It was written by Chris Rea, an amazing writer and fantastic musician and a really lovely person as well. I remember When I was putting the Pearls album together it was my choice to do that particular song. Chris had a really big hit with that over in America, but I managed to have more of a hit over here than he did. I would love him to write another song for me.

You’ve worked with the late Robert Palmer and Vinegar Joe. Was that a formative time for you?

We found Robert when he was working with Alan Bown, and years before that the Mandrakes. I went up with my then husband Pete Gage, and we formed a band called Gaga and the singer was leaving so we thought Robert would be a good replacement. We went to see him at a club in Hamley. It was a very bluesy R & b type club and saw him with Alan Bown and thought he would be perfect.

We left the album with Robert and 6 months later he got back to us and said yes he would like to join the band. It was a very good partnership. We disbanded after about a year and formed Vinegar Joe, which was more of a rock, r&b type of band. I really enjoyed my time with Vinegar Joe but unfortunately Robert decided to leave.

I wanted to keep the band going but the rest of them felt it wouldn’t be the same without Robert, so I more or less had to go solo then.

You sing Rock, jazz, blues even country. Which genre is your favourite?

I’m a singer. If you sing and you sing well you should be able to sing anything. I saw the wonderful, amazing Aretha Franklin on YouTube some time ago. Her great friend Pavorotti was ill at the time, and she took his place singing it all in Italian.

I started my singing career listening to a lot of Ella Fitzgerald and Cliff Richard. I had singing lessons with our local Rabbi, and all my songs were in Hebrew!

So, whats next for Elkie Brooks?

My most important thing is getting this next album together, and hopefully we are going to get a couple of interesting guests on there.

You can also listen to this interview below:

Tickets can be obtained online at kingslynncornexchange.co.uk



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