“Normal for Norfolk” ~ Landscapes and Oddities

Perfectly Normal 1 by Garry Hobbs

We visited an exhibition at the home of West Norfolk artist Garry Hobbs, just outside Terrington St Clement, and asked him about his work …

How would you describe your work?

Mostly figurative and representational. Drawing and painting thoughts and inspirations. I predominantly use oil, but also charcoal and oil pastels. I’m inspired by music, poetry, nursery rhymes and things that I collect. I’m a bit like a magpie so I collect images from all over the place constantly sourcing material which could be useful to me in the future.

I’m also inspired by landscapes, the drama of light. Often I’m describe as looking from the dark into the light, which kind of describes my character. I was trained as a textile designer, but have always loved drawing and painting.

You described some of your pictures as being a bit “odd”. Do they come completely from your imagination?

Yes they do – or I overhear conversations, or think of the odd things that are going on like conjunctions and strange coincidences, and try to illustrate them. Sometimes I’m inspired by just seeing a figure, or a particular pose and I think “what would I do with that or where would it be most unusual to place that figure?” and then possibly juxtapose that in a strange landscape.

Are your landscapes mainly local?

Not exclusively. I lived in South Norfolk originally, then to West Norfolk and out here, where the landscape has changed dramatically. Sometimes the landscape out here can be a bit forbidding and melancholy but I’m starting to see the beauty in that. Initially it looks like a desolate landscape, but the most significant thing out here are the skies. An ever changing source of inspiration.

Perfectly Normal 1 by Garry Hobbs

Perfectly Normal 1 by Garry Hobbs

You’ve painted a local picture you describe as “Normal for Norfolk”

I’m trying to be as politically correct as possible, but also trying to reflect the fact that “Normal for norfolk” rather than being a criticism it’s an embracement of the quirkiness of life. There are lots of things that people would regard as being odd, but that’s what gives us the interest in our lives. It would be a dull old world if it was all the same. You just see the most bizarre things driving along the roads and the byways of Norfolk. There are just odd things happening in front of you, alongside you and in the fields. I think “Normal for Norfolk” is a unique selling point!

Garry Hobbs Exhibition is part of the Norfolk and Norwich Open Studios event and continues on Saturday June 1st, Sunday June 2nd, Saturday June 8th and Sunday June 9th at 41 Craske Lane, Terrington St Clement, Kings’ Lynn, PE34 4HW. Opening times are 10am to 5pm.




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