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Are you curious about King’s Lynn ?

If you’re curious about King’s Lynn you may be interested in a comprehensive booklet directing you to the most fascinating areas of the town.

You can have fun discovering King’s Lynn with two self-guided, heritage walks with an optional treasure hunt. Find answers to clues and match pictures whilst reading stories about our lovely Norfolk town.

The walks are suitable for all ages and typically take 1-2 hours each to complete. Detours to avoid steps are marked on the route map.

First Walk
Wheelchair friendly

Heritage and River

King’s Lynn has a glorious heritage, based around The Great Ouse river. This walk passes a museum dedicated to its old fishing community, a magnificent former chapel, a bustling market place, an ancient street, former home to many famous people, a wonderful Guildhall, a stunning Customs House, venerable almshouses, an ancient college, the alley of the Devil, an imposing church – and, oh yes, the river
(1.5 miles / 2.4 kms)

Second Walk
Wheelchair friendly

To The Walks

From the magnificent St Margaret’s Church this walk immediately passes the architecturally stunning Town Hall, and Gaol House. Via streets with a history to tell, you next arrive at St James’ Park, with its colourful flowers. Pass next through restful gardens with Greyfriars Tower which leans dramatically to the west. Then onwards to The Walks, where townsfolk have promenaded for more than three hundred years (1.25 miles / 2 kms)

The 16-page booklet can be downloaded directly to your computer for £4.99, or a printed copy can be sent to your address for £5.50 plus £1.50 post & packing. Find out more at www.curiousabout.co.uk/kingslynn

Various guided walks around town are also provided by the King’s Lynn Town Guides.


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