A Peek at our Week

sock toy by Alana Cooper, Setchey

We start with a look at our latest ‘family member’ – A sock toy made by Alana Cooper, who runs Canetoad Crafts in Setchy near King’s Lynn. (facebook.com/canetoadcraft)

We came across Alana while visiting the Rainbow Craft Summer Solstice in Tydd St Mary near Long Sutton over the weekend. It was a wonderful afternoon, with dozens of unique craft stalls and some excellent live music.

They are planning to bring back the show next year, and it should be well worth another visit!

One of the musicians playing was Mickey Flynn (mickeyflynn.com) who certainly rocked the festival with his raspy voice and mean guitar playing.

Mickey now lives in Suffolk, after touring the country as a lead guitarist and frontman with various bands for over 25 years.

hardwick road cemetery graves railway disaster

Dr Julian Litten led us on a fascinating guided tour of Hardwick Road Cemetery on Sunday called ‘Blown to Kingdom Come’.

We saw the tombstones of John and Susannah Laird, two of the ‘unfortunate sufferers whose death was caused on the Lynn and Hunstanton Railway’ in 1863.

5 people were killed when a train from Hunstanton to Lynn hit a bullock resulting in their carriage being ‘smashed utterly to pieces.”

Amongst other deceased ‘blown to kingdom come’ in the cemetery was Alice Gazley who was ‘killed during raid by German airship on King’s Lynn” on January 19th 1915.


Montage by Peter Swann

Montage by Peter Swann

On the right is a montage of memories from South Africa by artist Peter Swann. This was one of the works we saw at the 5 IN 3D Exhibition at Greyfriars Art Space in St James Street.

The intriguing sculptures by Ben Emerson looked deceptively like bits of wreckage from old war machines, but they are in fact made from ceramics. Such titles as Warbird, Depth Charge and Fuselage F250 will give you an idea of the kind of work he does.

We really enjoyed the excellent mixed media exhibition which also included works by other local artists Ben Emerson, Ann Roberts and Tom Thompson.

The 5 IN 3D Exhibition is open until July 4th from 10am to 4pm. When you are in town, the free exhibition is certainly worth making a detour for!


Turning to a different subject, while visiting the Body Shop at Springfields near Spalding we were told the branch in Lynn has NOT been closed but it is being ‘refurbished.’

Finally a couple of interesting websites we can recommend to you:

britainfromabove.org.uk presents the unique Aerofilms collection of aerial photographs from 1919-1953, including some intersting ones of King’s Lynn.

archivealive.org Contains Hundreds of archive films from Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire.