La Grande Fete De Lynn

Les Cubitenistes

Les Cubitenistes

On Saturday, 19 July 2014, the streets of King’s Lynn will be bursting with activity with a distinctly continental flavour.

To celebrate the culmination of the borough council’s two-year Art, Cities and Landscape project with Maison De La Culture in Amiens, France, a day of entertainment has been organised bringing a variety of quintessentially crazy Gallic shows to King’s Lynn town centre.

Billed as La Grande Fete De Lynn, the day promises to delight audiences both young and old with a mixture of activities from comedy and dancing to mute comedy and even live street art. Not to mention the people-powered nautical carousel and the giant bodyguards who will be watching out for your safety as you move around the town. You do not see the danger – they invent it! La Grande Fete de Lynn has been organised by SeaChange Arts of Great Yarmouth on behalf of the Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk.

The day is designed to attract people into the town centre so that they can come and enjoy the new gardens and public artworks that have been created as part of the Art, Cities and Landscape Project, whilst supporting town centre shops and markets.

The Tonys

The Tonys

In total, nine schemes have been developed this year, which are located around King’s Lynn town centre.

Nick Daubney, Leader of the Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk said: “This has been a mutually beneficial project which has attracted a significant amount of European funding. I do hope people will visit the town to take a look at the new artworks and gardens that have been installed by our colleagues from Amiens in France and to enjoy the music, street entertainment and street performances. Whilst in town I hope visitors will also support the markets and local shops. And remember, car parking in any council-run car park in King’s Lynn is just £1 after 1pm on 19 July.”

Art, Cities and Landscape is a cultural exchange project with Amiens in France. It has attracted around £400,000 of funding from the European Union Interreg IVA programme.

Art installations and landscape gardens

On 19 July the artists will be in situ at their creations, from 11.30am until 3pm, giving people an opportunity to ask about their work and the inspiration behind these installations.

Come On

Designed to represent the flow of water that connected the town centre to the waters it traded on, this garden encourages people to walk between the multi-storey car park and the pedestrian area. The planting is made of predominantly of black and white flowers.

Where: South Clough Lane
Landscapers: Collectif GAMA

Keep Calm and Pallet On

Inspired by the historical use of South Quay and Marriott’s Warehouse for the storage of goods, this project seeks to enhance the current space, giving passers-by a place to stop to enjoy the wide open views which stretch out before them.

Where: South Quay, outside Marriott’s Warehouse
Landscapers: Collectif Les Jardiniers Nomades

Crates on Waves

Inspired by King’s Lynn’s maritime history, crates of aromatic plant are spread across lazy decks and gently undulating waves of grass and meadow wildflowers. All year round, the garden offers pedestrians a relaxing, scented island in a busy sea of shops.

Where: Baxters Plain, Adjacent to the Majestic
Landscapers: Collectif NEJ

Rock around the Fleet

Designed to evoke memories of King’s Lynn maritime and trading heritage, this installation comprises a series of floating buoys topped with metal structures which suggest seabirds and is visible from both quays around the Purfleet and the River Great Ouse.

Where: Outer Purfleet
Artists: Dimitri Boutleux and Camille Morand Collectif Starter

Kliff Garden

Inspired by the nearby coastal resort of Hunstanton, this installation brings a piece of the coast into the town. Using the existing layout of an old planted area, a tranquil seating area surrounded by cliffs and seascape planting has been created. It is a calming and peaceful area which brings respite to busy shoppers.

Where: High Street (opposite Debenhams)
Artist: Estelle Oliver


Inspired by the historical context of the Purfleet, this installation is designed to establish a relationship between fiction and reality. Using aquatic elements and water pump, the impression is created that the water course is emptying out.

Where: The Inner Purfleet
Artist: Francois Thibaut-Pencenat

Night Sailors

Inspired by sailors past, including George Vancouver, who were able to go overseas and discover the world by observing celestial bodies with measuring instruments – compass, arbalestrille, astrolabe and sextant. This installation enlightens one King’s Lynn’s most iconic landmarks with architectural projections, inviting people to explore the town’s historical, cultural and scientific heritage.

Where: The Custom House
When: The first light show will take place at 10pm on 19 July and will be repeated until 11.30pm. Shows will take place daily over the next few months but will start earlier as the nights draw in.
Artist: Julia Dantonnet


Designed to intrigue, these installations use inlaid magnifying glasses to create a transparent door to a new landscape. As individuals look through the glasses, the image of Lynn they see moves, distorts and changes, giving a new perspective and building a unique pattern that relates to King’s Lynn.

Where: Outer Purfleet and Tuesday Market Place*
Artist: Thibault Zambeaux

* One structure will be in place at the Outer Purfleet for 19 July. The Tuesday Market Place structure will be in situ in the next couple of weeks. The Saturday Market Place structure will be installed once works to the Saturday Market Place have been completed.

La Grande Fete de Lynn

Carnage Productions – The S.W.A.T. – Special Wastrels And Tanglers

Mute comedy, abseiling, stunts and clowning as 4 committed Commandos go off in search of an unlikely training mission.
Their goal : To find a problem to any solution… Their Mission: Impossible to remember!

Where: Baxter’s Plain (near Argos)
When: 1.15pm

Qualité Street – La Fleur au Fusil

Stuck in the strict codes of military mentality, a sergeant and his subordinate try the dangerous exercise of public recital.
Quickly, the Bossa Nova replaces the bugle and the military cap turns into a red nose… A comedy show that groovily rebounds characters torn between two codes of conduct.

Where: Tuesday Market Place
When: 2.15pm

Compagnie Kitschnette – Aux P’tits Oignons

A beautiful woman summons the public in search of her one true love. When she finds him, she cooks him a romantic meal; Aux P’tits Oignons… but not everything goes exactly to plan. The onions bring a tear to her eye, revealing what really hides behind her seductive façade.

Where: Baxter’s Plain (near Beales)
When: 12.30pm and 3.45pm

De Fakto – Le Petit Bal 2 Rue

In Le Petit Bal 2 Rue two dancers pull out all the stops as they audition for legendary French singer and actor, André Bourvil. With a charming mix of contemporary dance and Hip Hop, it tips an affectionate wink to the classic French movies of the 50s and 60s.

Where: Corner of New Conduit Street/HighStreet – outside Burtons
When: 12noon and 3.15pm

Les Cubiténistes – The Museum of Everyday Life
… or how to turn the public into a work of art

French street arts troupe, Les Cubiténistes will create live pieces of art… made by you!

Blending performance, photography and art, they bring Gallic charm and comedy to create wonderful interactive installations where you become the models. Bring a smile and a sense of fun to this ‘street studio’ and then enjoy the work exhibited later in the event.

Where: Corner of Norfolk Street/Broad Street
When: 12 noon

Compagnie Albedo – The Tonys

You do not see the danger, they invent it. Two bodyguards, Tony
and Tony, are on a mission to secure the city and its inhabitants. They seem a little scary and a bit stupid, but above all are well-intentioned: they are there for you, to protect others and yourself…
In any area where there are people, there is danger, and the Tonys are familiar with their work: You want to go incognito, they escort you, you want to get some fresh air on the balcony, they want to prevent you from jumping, you want to go there, they take you elsewhere…

Where: walkabout around town
When 12.15pm and 2.30pm

SeaChange Arts – Anchors Aweigh!

Only salty sea dogs, and barnacled cabin boys need apply!
A life on the ocean waves awaits in this people-powered nautical carousel.

As the sound of a sea shanty whistles through the sails, our crusty old crew will dress up your little sailors and cast them adrift on a flotilla of fun sea craft.

Ride the ramshackle raft, paddle steamer, pirate galleon, or even the Owl & the Pussycat’s beautiful Pea Green Boat!

A magical maritime creation by The Insect Circus, Kate Munro, Dan Peppiat and Matt Nunn.

Where: Tuesday Market Place
When: 12 noon and 3pm

* A continental market, timed to complement La Grande Fete de Lynn, will arrive in King’s Lynn on Thursday 17 July and stay for three days with stalls selling a huge variety of European products and produce. The market, located on New Conduit Street and Baxters Plain, will open from 9am until 5.30pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


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