GEAR 10k Live

12.09 Steve Wheatley ‏@SDWheatley tweets:
46 mins 55 seconds! 10k – I beat the tomato and the guy running in a cagoule and flat cap!

11.45 Will bring you the full results soon.

11.33 Winner is Alastair Watson representing Notts AC.

10.55 And race is finally under way …

10.47 Ambulance just arrived in Tuesday Mkt place, flashing lights. Looks like start could be delayed.

10.37 There are 2,200 runners taking part in the main race this year.

10.20 Wheelchair racing entrants will start in front of the 10k runners approximately one minute before the official start time.

10.18 The course record stands at 30 mins 18 secs. Can anyone break that 30 minute barrier today? #klgear

10.13 GEAR 10K road race due to start at 10:45AM , running through the streets of King’s Lynn.

10.10 Richard Sennett ‏@SensibleJoe tweets:
Nerves are kicking in, been to the toilet 3 times this morning. 💩 @GEARKL

10.05 No church service this morning at King’s Lynn Minster due to #GEARKL

9.57 And we have live video! 🙂

9.56 Looks like they are still setting up the video feed.

9.50 Borough council will be broadcasting live video stream from Tuesday Market this morning. Will post link when live.