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King’s Lynn welcomes more Covent Garden street performers

King’s Lynn’s summer of street performances continues, with the next act arriving this Saturday.

Eight talented and unusual acts are still to perform shows across four Saturdays from July to September, adding to an already packed programme of free events. The performers will be in Baxter’s Plain in the Vancouver Quarter, and shows will take place between noon and 3pm.

Cllr Elizabeth Nockolds, the borough council cabinet member for Culture, Heritage and Health, said: “We brought the Covent Garden street performers back as they proved so popular last year, and the first three performances this year have been just as good. Dazzling acrobatics and unicycle tricks from Felicity Footloose and DynaMike, and hilarious shopping trolley dance routines from Granny Turismo have set a really high standard for the rest of the acts. We invite everyone to come along to the Vancouver Quarter, see these amazing free acts and explore our historic and beautiful town centre”.

Abbie Panks, Vancouver Quarter manager, added: “There’s always so much to see and do in King’s Lynn, and these street performers are such a fun, unusual, addition to the summer programme of events. We’re pleased we could work with the borough council to bring them back again this year. We know the programme of events last year increased the number of visitors to the town centre, which benefits everyone, and we’re sure this year’s will do the same. So if you’re in town shopping, make sure you come along to Baxter’s Plain and check out the performances!”

This Saturday, 23 July, the streets of King’s Lynn welcome Mr Vita and Maple Staplegun. Mr Vita is a real-life cartoon whose zaniness, juggling and lively physical comedy delights audiences of all ages. This lovable, self-proclaimed ‘professional stupid’ ends his show with an explosive finale involving rock’n’roll, a motorbike helmet and a striptease. Maple Staplegun is a hula-hoop performer who’s escaped from her humdrum office life and onto the streets! Armed with her hula-hoops, office equipment and a quirky attitude, Maple draws on traditional circus ring techniques to create a melodramatic show that will leave audiences amazed and weak with laughter.

On 30 July, Akira and George Orange will perform. Akira is one of the most unusual street performers to be seen anywhere around the world. He’s based in Japan but travels the world with his art. His amazing high-energy act combines dance and DJ mixing skills, and the creation of stunning artwork – all at the same time! George Orange is an eccentric clown and slack-rope dancer, a juggler and a circus performer. His one-of-a-kind act truly is an experience not to be missed. George has toured extensively for fifteen years and has performed at many street festivals.

On 27 August, Reuben Dot Dot Dot and Betty Brawn the Strong Lady will perform. Reuben Dot Dot Dot is an Australian acrobat who defies gravity and death in stunts that must be seen to be believed! This trained gymnast performed around the world, developing a show that has humour, handstands, hat manipulation, sticky pole, hand-balancing, and crowd interaction! Betty Brawn is known around the world as the Strongest Lady Alive. She presents an exhilarating array of feats of strength as she tears thick romance novels, twists solid metal, snaps steel chains and shatters genders clichés. Betty’s show is full of her signature feats, such as spinning two grown men in the ‘Human Carousel’.

The final performances, on 3 September, are from Pandora Pink and Mr Spin. Pandora Pink presents a physical comedy act that is engaging, hilarious and absurd. She performs a whirlwind tribute to the master of physical comedy W.C. Field, to Elvis Presley, and to all things pink and box-like! Mr Spin mixes traditional juggling with Chinese devil-sticking, contact juggling, madcap antics and an incredible sense of fun. His finale involves Mr Spin on an eight-foot zig-zag unicycle juggling three baseball bats with a glass of water balanced on his head – not one to miss!


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