Honey you’re so retro! Super 8 Film Night

super 8 retro fionallamas 29Greyfriars Art Space is presenting an evening of lo-fi Super 8mm movies. Artist Chris Mizsak (BellArt Labs, Cambridge Super 8 Group) will be spooling up a random selection of vintage newsreels, cinema ads, documentaries, abridged features, cartoons, and other oddities in glorious, grainy cine film.

Got any old home movies you’d like to screen? Dust off your old reels and bring them along.

As part of the forthcoming exhibition by the Bell Art Laboratories at Greyfriars Art Space (8-22 October), Chris is also looking for donations of any old, unwanted home movies (Super 8mm and Standard 8mm).

The film night takes place on Friday 16th September from 7-9pm at Greyfriars Art Space, 43 St James Street, King’s Lynn PE13 1LU

Free Admission (Adults Only) Contact: cmizsak@gmail.com