New A17 Speed Cameras go live from Monday

The new recently installed average Safety Camera System on the A17 road, west of Kings Lynn will be switched on with effect from 9th January 2017. This means that the cameras will be enforcing and capturing speeding motorists from this date.

Anne Pointin – Road Safety and Safety Camera Manager said: “These cameras have been installed by the Norfolk Safety Camera Partnership, supported by Norfolk Police, Norfolk County Council and the Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk. This piece of road has double the national average for casualties on rural A Class Roads, and the high accident severity is indicative of high traffic speeds. 35% of these casualties are motorcyclists and the new cameras are designed to capture both motor vehicles and motor cyclists.”

Average Safety Camera Systems are proven nationally to reduce casualties and help towards making the roads safer for those travelling and working within Norfolk.

Norfolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Lorne Green, added: “Road safety is a big concern for many of Norfolk’s residents, with excessive speed being one of the Fatal 4 factors which put our road users at risk.

“Enforcement of the law, alongside sustained education and awareness, will help keep our county’s roads safer for all who use them, and speed cameras have an important role to play in that.”