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Lynn firefighters lead the way in new health campaign

Members of North Lynn Fire Station’s red watch.

King’s Lynn firefighters are leading the way lead the way in encouraging people in Norfolk to make small, achievable changes in 2017 that could make a big difference to their health.

Lots of people indulge in more food and alcohol over the festive period, and resolve to be healthier in January. However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the long term can be a challenge, and as a result many people in the county are putting their health at risk. It’s estimated that two thirds of Norfolk residents are now overweight or obese and around 20 per cent of the population are thought to be drinking at a level which increases the risk of damaging their health.

Now people in Norfolk are being urged to check if they could make some small changes to improve their health by taking the One You online quiz at

The quiz, called ‘How Are You’, takes around 10 minutes to complete and asks people a series of lifestyle questions. At the end, people are given a score out of 10 and suggestions for how they could improve their health, as well as links to support them to make these changes.

More than 1.1 million people have taken the quiz so far and been directed, where relevant, to download Public Health England’s free mobile apps like Couch to 5K, Drinks Checker and Easy Meals.

Nearly a quarter of a million people have subsequently downloaded Couch to 5K, which is designed to get people more used to sitting in front of the TV to become runners in just nine weeks. The Drinks Checker app makes it easy to keep an eye on how much alcohol people are consuming and take control with daily tips and feedback, while the Easy Meals app is a great way to plan healthy, easy-to-make meals. All are available to download for free from Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

The One You campaign is particularly aimed at those aged between 40 and 60, as in middle age the risk of having a stroke or developing heart disease, diabetes or kidney disease increases.

Dr Louise Smith, Director of Public Health at Norfolk County Council, said: “This is a great time to make those small changes to your life that will have a big impact on your health in later years. Taking simple steps now can double your chance of being healthy at 70 and beyond.”

Around 40 per cent of all deaths in England are related to everyday habits and behaviours – such as eating too much unhealthy food, drinking too much alcohol, not being active enough or continuing to smoke. They also cost the NHS more than £11 billion every year.

Some small changes that most people could make to improve their health and maintain a healthy lifestyle in the long term include:

Building being more active into your daily life – walking or cycling to work, going for a walk at lunchtime, walking to the shops instead of driving. Set yourself a realistic but challenging step or activity target each day and track it using a pedometer or app on your mobile phone.

Replacing unhealthy snacks with fruit and vegetables – if you bring these to work with you, you’re less likely to be tempted to buy chocolate or crisps when you get hungry.

Getting some moral support – it’s far easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle if your friends or family are trying to be healthier too. Start a new sport or exercise class with friends and banish sugary foods from the cupboards at home.

Going alcohol-free on more days in the week – limit the days on which you have alcoholic drinks, particularly if you associate having a glass of wine or a beer with certain everyday activities, like making the dinner or sitting on the sofa in front of the TV.

Getting enough sleep – this has a direct impact on your health, but also on your energy and stress levels, which can make you more likely to make unhealthy choices when you’re awake.

For more information and advice to help you make small changes and lead a healthier life, visit where you can also find a link to the How Are You quiz.

It’s important for firefighters at Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS) to be fit and healthy in order for them to be able to carry out their potentially life-saving jobs confidently and effectively. However, as people get older it can be more difficult to stay in good shape, and firefighters are no different.

Five firefighters aged 40 and over at King’s Lynn North Fire Station’s Red Watch decided to find out how healthy their lifestyles were and whether they could make any changes for the better by taking the How Are You Quiz.

Clive Wells, 52, is King’s Lynn North’s station manager and has been with NFRS for 26 years. After completing the quiz, he said: “I do an hour’s hard cardio exercise every morning and walk the dogs for an hour a day, so I think I keep fairly fit. I think you have to be more health conscious as you get older, I’m diabetic so without a shadow of a doubt that makes me more aware of the need to stay fit and healthy. My wife organises my diet so I have quite a strict diet to make sure my sugars are kept low, but I would like to lose a couple of pounds so I’ll try to eat a bit less in January.”

Steven Lyden, 41, has been a firefighter for 14 years. He said: “I’m reasonably healthy for someone my age. I bike to work most days, which is a 15 mile round trip, and I actually find it easier in the winter as I don’t get so hot on the bike. I don’t enjoy exercise but for me the motivation is getting to work, and it only takes me five minutes longer than driving, so it forces me to do exercise.

“You get a sense of your own mortality when you hit 40, and I had a bit of a scare a couple of years ago, so I feel better now than I did this time two years ago, just down to cycling and going walking with my wife.”

Lee Broadhurst, 42, is a crew manager at North Lynn Fire Station, and has been a firefighter for 20 years. He said: “I got six out of 10 in the quiz, so I’m alright but could do better and I have been better in the past. My diet’s not very good but that’s usually offset by activity. I’ve got some niggling injuries at the moment so that’s stopping me doing what I’d usually do – I still go kickboxing three times a week, but my injuries are stopping me doing some things I’d usually do there.

“My age is catching up with me a little bit, and it does make me think I should do better to be a bit healthier with my drinking and eating because I have put on some weight recently. Diet-wise, it’s been harder over Christmas as there’s more opportunities to eat food you shouldn’t and going to people’s houses for drinks. I’ve got a horrendous sweet tooth and, because we have kids, there’s been quite a lot of treats around at home because of the time of year. We do exercise together as a family and in the new year we’ll be getting back to the healthy eating as a family too, which will make it easier for me to be healthier.”

Mark Endersby, 42, has been a firefighter for 18 years. He said: “I cycle a lot, and compete in races, but my diet could be better. I eat a lot of fruit but I could eat more vegetables and cut down on processed carbohydrates – they’re quick and easy but I know they’re not the best for you. I want to be able to maintain my fitness and do what I’ve always been able to do on my bike, and it’s not going to get easier as I get older.”

Adam Ellis, 45, is a crew manager at North Lynn Fire Station. He’s been with NFRS for 20 years. He said: “I’m definitely more health conscious than when I was in my 20s. I coach cycling at quite a high level so if I’m telling people what to do I need to be able to do it myself.

“If people want to get into doing more exercise, the best advice I can give is to do it with friends. Cycling’s great because you can go out, cycle to a café and have a coffee and cake and bike back, so it’s really sociable. The quiz flagged up that I could do with doing some more strength work, and it’s something that I have been thinking about, so I should probably do more of that now I’m 45.”


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Firewalk 2017 – why not take ‘the walk of your life’

Why not challenge yourself in the New Year?

Take the ‘walk of your life’ and hot foot it with local charity Break! Just 20 feet of hot coals lay between you and the experience of a lifetime.

Each particpant will undergo two hours of highly motivational training by the experts from B.L.A.Z.E, getting you ready for a walk over hot burning embers. There is no pre-training before this event, just come along and enjoy!

The event takes place on Thursday 23 February 2017 at West Lynn Social Club. Register from 4pm, training starts at 5:30pm sharp, and the walk takes place at 7:30pm.

There are prizes for the top fundraisers on the night,and participants who sign up before January 15th are entitled to a reduced fee of £10.

All sponsor forms will be provided, with extra fundraising posters and collecting pots available if required. Fund raisers can take part in the event as a team – it is a great motivational event and a super team builder!

This is event is in conjunction with Sainsburys King’s Lynn Town Centre.

Click on THIS LINK to register.

Contact for more information.

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Local retailer donates £20,000 to East Anglian Air Ambulance

Discount retailer B&M has donated £20,000 to East Anglian Air Ambulance to help them be able to operate and provide care for people across the East of England, 365 days a year.

The Charity currently operates two ambulances to provide lifesaving rapid response emergency care and since they launched in 2000 they have attended over 19,000 missions, touching the lives of many thousands of people.

Alastair Wilson, Medical Director at East Anglian Air Ambulance, said: “This year we have to raise over 11 million pounds to keep our crew in the air. B&M’s donation will help fuel and equip our helicopters to provide A&E level care to critically ill patients at the scene of their accident. We are very grateful for their generous gift.”

The funds were raised from carrier bag charges in local stores throughout East Anglia, since the mandatory carrier bag charging was introduced in England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland last year B&M stores across the country have raised more than £650,000 in total – with a whopping £100,000 of the fund is being donated to the Association of Air Ambulances alone.

B&M’s Area Manager, Jeremy Robins, said: “My team chose East Anglian Air Ambulance because they’re a fantastic charity who deserve this cash boost. They rely on the generosity of the public and what better way to help out than with how great is it that local shoppers can give back to the community by helping saving the lives of others.”

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Christmas comes early for Aiden

from L to R Leo Jones, Youngsters World’s Paul Sanderson, Aiden Jones, and Vancouver Quarter Centre Manager Abbie Panks. Photo by Paul Tibbs

Eight-year-old Aiden Jones got an early Christmas present last week when he was given £250 to spend on toys in King’s Lynn town centre.

The Whitefriars Church Of England Primary Academy pupil was the winner of the Town Centre Halloween trail prize draw after he visited all 20 stamp stations around town during the annual event on October 31.

With the season of goodwill upon us, the Stoke Ferry youngster decided to split his prize with brother Leo, nine, and with his and his sibling’s classmates before they visited Youngsters World, in Norfolk Street, to choose their toys and games.

His mum, Mandy, said: “We really enjoyed the Halloween trail – Aiden and Leo particularly liked the stilt-walking bats and the band – and most of all, they felt like they’d got something out of taking part in this event, which is so important.

“It was a bit of a surprise when I got the call to say Aiden had won £250 to spend on toys, and he straight away decided that he was going to share this prize with his brother and also his classmates.

“He got board games for his class and Leo’s so they’d have something new to play with during wet play times at Whitefriars and so the other kids didn’t feel left out.

“He then let Leo choose a couple of bits for himself and he also got a board game for his Nan before he decided what he wanted for himself. He’s always been selfless.”

Aiden added: “I also liked going on the Halloween Trail because we visited lots of shops and I had my map stamped at everyone we went to. I was really happy when my mum told me I had won lots of toys.”

Vancouver Quarter centre manager Abbie Panks was pleased to meet and hear of Aiden’s selflessness.

“Aiden was such a lovely boy and it was very touching to see that he not only got a present for his class but also for Leo and his brother’s class,” she said. “I was also pleased to hear how much Aiden and Leo had enjoyed taking part in this year’s Halloween event.

“Free town-wide events, like Halloween, really encourage people to take in parts of the town they perhaps haven’t visited before so to hear Aiden and his family being so complimentary about all the retailers was great to hear.”

She added: “I’d also like to thank everyone who took part in our Halloween event this year. We’re still receiving plenty of positive feedback from parents and we’re already looking to make next year’s event bigger and better than ever.”

*Late Night Shopping continues tomorrow with performances from pupils at West Lynn Primary and Glebe House on Baxter’s Plain (near Argos and Costa Coffee). Then on Thursday December 15, Elfish Pressie and the Christmas Crackers are returning, by popular demand, to perform in the centre from 3.30pm.

There’s also a Christmas Fairies workshop which is being run from 3pm to 6pm as well as carol singing on Baxter’s Plain from pupils at King’s Lynn Academy, Reffley School, and West Lynn Primary and people from the Church in the Woottons, the Gateway Church and the King’s Lynn Christian Fellowship Church.

The final Late Night Shopping evening on December 22 will see the Ukulele Elves perform in the shopping centre from 3.30pm with the King’s Lynn Town Band playing on Baxter’s Plain from 6pm.

The following retailers will also remain open until 8pm during the final three Thursday evenings: Argos, Bargain Buys, Blue Inc, Card Factory, Cards Direct, Claire’s, Costa, Ikon, Lavitta, New Look, Peacocks, Poundland, Select, Sports Direct, Superdrug, The Perfume Shop, Tiger, TK Maxx, Trespass, Warren James, Wilko, Wimpy, Yours, Sainsbury’s. Ann Summers will remain open each Late Night Shopping evening until 6.30pm.

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The One Show’s Rickshaw Challenge comes to King’s Lynn!

rickshaw-challenge-teamKing’s Lynn is preparing to welcome The One Show’s Rickshaw Challenge!

The Rickshaw Challenge will cover a 470-mile journey along the east coast of Britain, stopping off in King’s Lynn on Wednesday 16 November. From 7pm to 8pm The One Show’s Matt Baker will present regular live broadcasts from King’s Staithe Square, near the Custom House.

Setting off on Friday 11 November in the Scottish Borders, the team will work their way down the east coast in a bid to cross the finish line in London on Friday 18 November, in time for the BBC Children in Need Appeal Show.

This rickshaw will be pedalled by six young riders, all of whom have been supported by BBC Children in Need-funded projects. Matt Baker will be on the road cycling alongside the team, while his co-presenter Alex Jones will be following every step of the way live from the studio.

Now in its sixth year, the Rickshaw Challenge has raised more than £12 million for BBC Children in Need.

The One Show viewers will be able to follow Team Rickshaw’s progress on the show each day, but the full route – including a real-time update of the rickshaw’s progress – is also available at

To support the challenge, you can donate either £5 or £10 by text. To donate £5 text the word TEAM to 70405. To donate £10 text TEAM to 70410. Texts will cost your donation plus the standard network message change.

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Remembrance Sunday to be marked in Tower Gardens

2014 Remembrance 2The annual wreath-laying ceremony will take place in the Tower Gardens, King’s Lynn on Sunday, 13 November, to mark remembrance Sunday.

Local people will gather to pay their respects to all those who have lost their lives in the two World Wars and since 1945 up to the present day. Once again a very large public attendance is expected.

It will be a particularly poignant event this year as it marks the 100th anniversary of 2 significant battles in WW1. The Naval Battle of Jutland which resulted in the loss of 6000 Naval Personnel and the battle of The Somme which was one of the bloodiest battles of the First World War which saw more than one million men wounded or killed, making it one of the bloodiest battles in human history. The first day on the Somme was, in terms of casualties, also the worst day in the history of the British army, which suffered 57,470 casualties.

The event will start with a parade from Saturday Market Place along St James’s Street to the Tower Gardens. The parade will be led by veterans from all three armed services and any veteran wishing to be included in this should arrive at Saturday Market Place by 10.15am.

The Mayor, Cllr David Whitby, will lead a procession of civic representatives from the Town Hall to the War Memorial where he, along with representatives from various organisations, will lay a wreath. Over 50 wreaths will be laid this year, following which prayers will be led by The Rt Revd Jonathan Meyrick, Bishop of Lynn.

The King’s Lynn Town Band will play solemn music in the Tower Gardens from 10.45am and the civic procession will leave from the Town Hall at 10.48 am, followed by the general procession, consisting of members of the Royal British Legion, a contingent from Royal Air Force Marham, and members of the Sea, Army, Air, and Police Cadet Forces.

The bugler will play The Last Post, signalling the beginning of the two-minute silence and the start of the ceremony at 11 am.

Following the ceremony, at approximately 11.45 am, the civic procession will parade to King’s Lynn Minster, where a service will be conducted by the Reverend Canon Christopher Ivory.

Elsewhere in the borough, wreaths will be laid to mark the occasion.

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Money available for local charities

bni-logoWest Norfolk business group, BNI Hanse, is seeking local charities for a share of the group’s fundraising money.

BNI Hanse is a network of more than 30 of the area’s leading businesses and during October and November the members are raising money for local charities. When guests attend the weekly breakfast meetings their fee will be put into the donation pot, and any member can ‘employ’ the group’s mascot Bill the Bear who will donate his fee to the charity fund.

Gary Pooley, BNI Hanse Vice President and owner of Steele Media Marketing & Design, said: “The philosophy of the group is that ‘Givers Gain’ and our members benefit by giving business opportunities to each other. We would like to give back to the local community and are therefore raising money for local charities in the run up to Christmas.

“We are inviting local charities to get in touch with us so we can decide who to donate the money to, and we are also giving other local businesses that would like to get involved an opportunity to come along to our group, meet our members and promote their company.”

Charities that would like to be nominated as beneficiaries and businesses that would like to get involved are asked to contact Gary on 01553 886388 or email: as soon as possible.

BNI (Business Network International) is a referral marketing organisation with a mission to help members increase their business through a structured, positive, and professional referral marketing programme. BNI Hanse is consistently the best performing chapter in Norfolk and meets in the Globe on King’s Lynn’s Tuesday Market Place every Tuesday morning.

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Local residents win £500 of vouchers every month for their recycling efforts

Voucher winners from June/July - 15 residents each month win vouchers for their recycling efforts.

Voucher winners from June/July – 15 residents each month win vouchers for their recycling efforts.

Residents of the Borough of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk have a chance to win £500 in vouchers every month just for recycling, thanks to a new scheme that was launched to households in May.

West Norfolk Recycling Rewards is open to all households in King’s Lynn and West Norfolk and is free to participate in, giving residents the chance to earn vouchers for themselves and donations for local charities and community projects.

Once residents activate their account for the scheme they are placed into one of five communities, depending on where they live, and can start to earn Green Points for their recycling efforts. The amount of rubbish and recycling produced by each of the five communities is measured, with those communities that are improving the most receiving the most Green Points. Residents are also able to earn extra Green Points for their community by reporting which materials they have recycled or reporting contamination via the Recycling Rewards website or contact centre.

Every month, the three residents in each community that have earned the most Green Points win a voucher for themselves from a choice of: Majestic Cinema, Marks & Spencer, Alive Leisure, National Garden Gift and iTunes. The top points-earner in each community wins a £50 voucher whilst each of the runners up receives a £25 voucher. Since the scheme launched, £1,000 worth of vouchers have been given out to residents, with Marks & Spencer and National Garden Gift vouchers proving to be the most popular.

Councillor Brian Long, Leader of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Council and Cabinet Member for the environment, said “We want this scheme to motivate residents to do the right thing and recycle everything they can, so it’s great to see the efforts of those that go the extra mile get rewarded. Anyone in the Borough can join the scheme and there are plenty of chances to win vouchers, so it’s well worth getting involved.”

Among the first voucher winners was Rebecca Neave, who is part of the Southern and Downham Market Community, and chose a £25 Marks & Spencer voucher as her reward. She said “I was excited to get involved with this new green scheme as I am always trying to find ways for my family and I to cut down the amount of waste we produce. Recycling Rewards offers us a whole new incentive and I’m delighted to have won!”

Every 6 months there will also be prizes given to the communities that have earned the most Green Points – £1,500 will be awarded to first place, with £750 for two runners up. Members of the winning communities have the opportunity to vote for which of six local good causes they’d like to receive their community’s share of the prize money from a shortlist of: Festival Too, the Norfolk Hospice, Hospital Radio Lynn, The Rotary Club of King’s Lynn, West Norfolk Mind and Scotty’s Little Soldiers.

The scheme is open to all households in King’s Lynn and West Norfolk, with residents needing to activate their accounts to take part. They can activate online at or by calling 0207 326 5055 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5:30pm).

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North Lynn Community Café

North Lynn Community Cafe
The North Lynn Community Café is a central point for information where people can gain access to community services, activities, information and gain support with any other needs they may have. Services and activities that are currently available include:

◾Wealth of leaflets and links with support organisations and voluntary sector
◾Benefits advice including form filling every Monday (call in to make an appointment or home visits are available between 9.30am – 1.00pm)
◾Legal advice every Friday (call in to make an appointment) 4.00pm – 6.00pm
◾Food bank vouchers
◾Henry Bellingham surgery every 4-6 weeks. 4.00pm – 6.30pm
◾Regular County Council/Borough Council surgeries
◾Stonham drop in sessions every Wednesday
◾Access to advice from Adult Care Development Worker for social activities and community information, first Tuesday of the month
◾Supporting Coffee on the Couch every Thursday at North Lynn Methodist Church 10.00am – 12.00noon
◾Cancer support group (including carers) first Monday of the month 3.30pm – 4.30pm – please phone 01553 692797 for details
◾Dementia Friendly Café (including carers) third Thursday of the month, 2.00pm – 4.00pm

The café is open Monday to Friday from 1.45pm – 4.30pm. Serving a range of hot drinks (biscuits FREE with all hot drinks)

The Community Café
St. Augustine’s Centre
Columbia Way
King’s Lynn
PE30 2LB

Contact: Les Thurlow, Secretary of North End & North Lynn Neighbourhood Partnership Tel: 01553 692797 E-mail:

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Cancer specialists to answer questions in town centre

Macmillan bus & teamCancer information and support is coming to the people of Lynn on Wednesday 20 July courtesy of Macmillan Cancer Support’s mobile service.

A team of cancer information specialists will be stopping off in the Vancouver Quarter to answer questions, provide support and inform people about local cancer services. It’s open to anyone, no matter what your concern – whether you’re living with or beyond cancer, or are a loved one or carer for someone who is.

Now that summer is here, the team will also be providing specialist advice and information about sun safety and skin cancer.

The number of people developing melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer, is continuing to rise, with around 110,330 people living with malignant melanoma in the UK, and 13,500 people diagnosed every year. That’s around 37 people every day. It is the fifth most commonly diagnosed cancer in the UK, and slightly more common in women than in men. With all of the varying types combined, skin cancer is the most common cancer in the UK.

Wendy Marchant, a Macmillan Information and Support Specialist on the unit, explains; “Skin cancer, if caught early, is very treatable and actually has one of the highest survival rates of all cancers. Being sun aware is key. Our advice is to avoid sun beds, wear a high SPF sun screen with a four star rating or more so it will block out UVA as well as UVB rays, and cover up in the sun.”

“We’re also there for anyone else with any worries or concerns, no matter what type of cancer. Whether you’ve just been diagnosed, are going through treatment or are living beyond cancer, feel free to pay us a visit – and we welcome carers, family members and loved ones as well. We can provide information on a range of issues, including different treatments, financial advice, exercise, getting back to work, or what local services might be on offer for you. You can even just stop by for a chat, no appointment needed.”

Macmillan’s four mobile information units travel around the UK visiting local communities, providing cancer information and support on the ground. Last year they helped around 74,000 people in over 565 locations across the UK.

For further information about Macmillan’s mobile information service, and planned visits, Check out the MacMillan website.

Planned visits in this area:

Wednesday 20 July
Kings Lynn, outside Vancouver Quarter Shopping Centre, PE30 1DL 10am to 4pm

Thursday 21 July
RAF Marham Families Day, Royal Airforce Marham, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, PE33 9NB
11am to 5pm

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‘Brexit’ ~ Are you ready to vote?

brexit 300Local voters are being reminded to make sure they are ready to take part in the EU Referendum on 23 June.

Across King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
• There are 113,209 eligible voters
• 107 polling stations will be open
• 274 polling station staff will be on duty

Ray Harding, Counting Officer for King’s Lynn and West Norfolk said: “Putting a cross in a box might seem simple, but there are plenty of things voters need to consider in order to be ‘referendum ready’.

“Your poll card will tell you the location of your polling station, and you will find more information on how to take part at Voters can also get in touch with the team here with any further queries”.

Ben Brook, Head of the English Regions at the Electoral Commission, said: “The Electoral Commission has sent an impartial voting guide to every household in the UK which is full of information on what to expect on polling day and how to take part.

“On 23 June, voters across the UK will get the chance to have a say on an issue of real importance, and we want everyone to feel confident in casting their vote”.

The question on the ballot paper will be ‘Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?’. Voters will be instructed to put a cross in the box for their preferred outcome- ‘Remain a member of the European Union’ or ‘Leave the European Union’.

Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm on Thursday 23 June. Voters who have opted to vote by post need to make sure their postal ballot pack is returned by 10pm on 23 June. Voters can hand it in at their polling station if they have not left enough time to return it by post.

The Electoral Commission advises voters not to take photos inside their polling station as they could potentially breach the secrecy of the ballot requirements.

There is more information on or you can call the Electoral Services team on 01553 616280.

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CANCELLED ‘Brexit’ debate

Sir Henry Bellingham

Sir Henry Bellingham

This debate at the King’s Lynn Academy has been cancelled in light of the tragic death of MP Jo Cox.

A debate aimed at helping those still undecided on whether Britain should leave or stay in the European Union is being held in King’s Lynn next week.

North West Norfolk MP Henry Bellingham and Toby Coke, the UKIP’s group leader in Norfolk, will champion their cases for Brexit at the King’s Lynn Academy next Friday.
Peter Smith, chairman of the Norfolk Labour Party and parliamentary candidate for South West Norfolk in the 2010 and 2015 elections, and West Norfolk Green Party spokesperson Michael de Whalley will explain why they think people should vote to remain.

The 90-minute debate, which has been organised by journalist David Blackmore with the support of the Queen Mary Road-based academy, the College of West Anglia, and the Church in the Woottons, will start at 6pm. Mr Blackmore will chair the debate.

Toby Coke

Toby Coke

“The EU referendum is the biggest political decision in a generation and yet I’ve been concerned by the number of people I’ve spoken to in King’s Lynn and West Norfolk who still don’t know whether they will want to leave or remain in the EU,” Mr Blackmore said.

“I’ve chaired similar debates in London in recent weeks where we’ve polled people coming in and leaving, and we’ve seen a huge number make up their minds having heard the speakers.

“Helping people make up their minds one way or another has been my sole focus in organising this debate for King’s Lynn. But, unlike the other debates, I’ve invited four speakers – two from each side – because even though Sir Henry and Toby want the UK to leave the EU, they have differing views as to why and I think people would benefit from hearing these arguments. The same can be said for Peter and Michael.
Each speaker will give opening and closing remarks and will each be allocated the same amount of time to answer each question.

Mr Blackmore added: “We are asking for people to submit questions in advance and we hope they will be happy to ask their question to the panel on the night. We will also invite questions from the audience towards the end of the debate.”
Mr Blackmore has asked that those submitted questions include their full name and indicate whether they will be happy to ask their question on the evening.
Questions need to be submitted to by 12noon next Thursday.

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Lions Fun Day 2016

lions fun day poster

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Juggling Jim documentary goes live on YouTube

A short video documentary about the King’s Lynn street performer popularly known as “Juggling Jim” has gone ‘viral’ on YouTube with nearly 20,000 hits on YouTube in just a few days.

In the video, produced by 17-year-old media student Brodie Rake, Jim is asked various questions about his life, and comes across as friendly and likeable. According to popular myth he was once a millionaire, but is this really true?

Brodie, who studies at the College of West Anglia, said “I’m planning to study abroad once I finish at CWA, with a life ambition of being a director.”

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Teacher will climb mountain for MIND

Lee Bigland 4A 23-year-old guitar teacher from from King’s Lynn is planning to climb one of the world’s tallest mountain to raise money for local mental health charity MIND.

“Other than having a passion for teaching music, I love to raise money for charities close to my heart.” said Lee Bigland.

“Last year, I decided to cycle from London to Paris in September with the aim to fundraise for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust charity. Through my work in both teaching and performing, it’s become more apparent that many people around me suffer with different forms of mental health and I have decided to try help those in my local community.

“Because of this, I’ve given myself the challenge of trekking the 19,000ft Kilimanjaro – the world’s tallest freestanding mountain on the 18th of August 2016. Raising money for West Norfolk Mind in just 10 days.”

If you would like to support Lee, donations can be given by clicking through to

More information about West Norfolk Mind and their work can be found at

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New tea party group for older folk in Lynn

contact the elderley - Ladies laughing - stock
With many older people in Kings Lynn suffering from loneliness, leading UK charity Contact the Elderly is launching a new tea party group for people aged 75 and over to provide a regular and vital friendship link every month.

To help support the newly founded group, the charity is urgently appealing for volunteers in the local community to help by sparing just a few hours each month to help with the running of local tea parties – and enjoy a cuppa and cake themselves!

The charity aims to relieve the loneliness of isolated older people who live alone, by organising monthly Sunday afternoon tea parties for small groups within local communities. Each older guest is collected from their home by a volunteer driver, and is taken to a volunteer host’s home where they join a small group for tea, chat and companionship.

To help kick-start the new group in Kings Lynn, Contact the Elderly is looking for volunteer drivers who are able to collect older guests from their homes and accompany them to the tea party each month, volunteer hosts to welcome the group into their homes for tea once or twice a year and a volunteer coordinator to help organise the monthly tea parties.

Contact the Elderly’s East Anglia Development Officer, Katy Szita, said: “We’re delighted to be opening a new group in Kings Lynn and to ensure these tea parties are as successful as others held across the UK, we urgently need the support of the local community.

‘’Anyone who can spare a couple of hours one Sunday a month, has a driving licence, a car and loves drinking tea is eligible! For those interested in becoming a host, it would just involve a couple of hours once or twice a year and the coordinator role only involves a little extra regular commitment each month.

‘’It’s not a big commitment, and our volunteers genuinely get as much out of the experience as our older guests so I’d encourage anyone interested in giving something back to their community to please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

‘’We’re also looking to invite people aged 75 or over in the area to come along to our tea parties. For those living on their own, and who can sometimes feel lonely or isolated, the tea parties are a great way to get out of the house, enjoy a social occasion and make friends.

‘’Also, if anyone knows of any older people who may benefit from the tea parties, then they can refer them to our service very easily.’’

Kings Lynn residents interested in volunteering for Contact the Elderly, or joining the group as a guest, can contact Katy Szita, East Anglia Development Officer on 0208 530 0494 or email

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