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Local History enthusiasts needed

town guides red badge
Do you enjoy learning about King’s Lynn’s history and heritage? Would you be able to share your knowledge and enthusiasm with visitors to the town? If so, the King’s Lynn Town Guides would love to hear from you.

The Town Guides take visitors (and locals) on regular walking tours of the town from May to October each year. They are all volunteers, with paid expenses, and all the money raised is used to support heritage projects within the town. Last year was the most successful yet, with £4,700 being donated to local buildings and organisations.

The Guides are seeking recruits to join a new training course planned for September. The course will last for three terms and will include a detailed study of the history of Lynn, background knowledge in tourism and practical guiding skills. Those who pass the course will be awarded the King’s Lynn Town Guide Red Badge by the Mayor in a special ceremony in the Town Hall.

If you think this might be for you and you would like to find out more – come along to the Guides’ Open Morning, to be held at Thoresby College Great Hall, Queen Street on Saturday 25th April from 10.30am to 12.30pm, when some of the Guides will be on hand to talk to you and provide further information.

For further details, please contact Doreen Leventhall, Tel: 01553 671204

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Contract awarded for town hall project

Guidhall kings lynn town hall 600

Pentaco Construction Ltd has been appointed by the Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk to carry out works at King’s Lynn Town Hall.

The £1.4 million contract will remodel and extend the building in preparation for the creation of a brand new exhibition space for the Stories of Lynn attraction.

The first phase of work will focus upon the creation of the new archive document store, collections resource area, enhancement of the existing exhibition spaces and the construction of a new lift and stair extension to the rear of the complex.

Work will begin on site on 13 April and is expected to be completed by late autumn.

Following the building works, a contractor will be appointed to fit the new exhibition and the facility is due to open to the public by Easter 2016.

Opening in 2016, Stories of Lynn will enhance and remodel the town hall complex, allowing people to explore the buildings and learn more about the economic and social history of King’s Lynn – one of England’s most important medieval port towns.

Using the archive, collections and fabric of the buildings, innovative interpretation devices and a diverse activity plan, the attraction will unlock the stories of the seafarers, explorers, merchants, mayors, magistrates and miscreants who have shaped King’s Lynn.

Although based within King’s Lynn Town Hall, Stories of Lynn will act as a gateway to other heritage sites and attractions in King’s Lynn, drawing together elements of the town’s history to provide a complete story of our unique heritage.

The project has been made possible thanks to a £1,850,600 Heritage Lottery Fund grant and £800,000 investment by the borough council and has been developed by the Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk in partnership with Norfolk Museums Service and Norfolk Record Office.

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Nelson’s Column To Relocate To North Norfolk

nelsons column 2

Plans are underway for Trafalgar Square’s iconic Nelson’s Column to be relocated to the North Norfolk coast in time for the 210th anniversary of the death of the region’s most famous son.

Visit North Norfolk has formally approached the GLA and Boris Johnson about the suggestion and has a petition of over 100K signatures from people across the globe who want to see Nelson returned to his home. Lucy Downing of Visit North Norfolk puts forward the argument:

“Lord Nelson was born in the tiny North Norfolk village of Burnham Thorpe and also lived there with his wife between 1786 and 1793 while waiting to be assigned a ship. It is time Nelson once again gazed across the coast he loved, rather than the metropolitan vista he has endured for the past 172 years. What’s more, given North Norfolk is one of the driest places in the UK, it will mean the statue will be less open to rain erosion.

David Henry, Senior Construction Manager of MJS Projects added:

“It is entirely feasible to transport and re-erect such a structure with carefully planning and the right people on board. According to history, Hitler had planned to relocate the structure to Berlin had he won the war. And if it was possible to London Bridge to Arizona, moving Nelson’s Column should be a far simpler task”

An area within Pensthorpe Natural Park*, Fakenham, inbetween the Millennium Garden and Wensum Wetlands has already been prepared for the statue, chosen because it is in the heart of North Norfolk. Just 10 miles from his birthplace, it will allow Nelson to gaze across his beloved county and out to sea. The park itself boasts over six natural lakes and is set alongside the River Wensum, allowing the naval hero to be close to water. It is also rumoured Nelson was a keen birdwatcher and, from his new perch, he’ll be able to enjoy a vast array of different species as North Norfolk is a bird spotters’ paradise.

At this stage, Visit North Norfolk has no plans to include the four lions in the relocation. If an agreement with GLA is reached, it is hoped the delicate work of removing Nelson’s Column section by section will begin after the Easter holidays. It is hoped it will be installed by 21st October – the 210th anniversary of his death.

More on Nelson

The Remembering Nelson Exhibition is housed at luxury hotel, The Hoste, in Burnham Market – formerly the Pitt Arms and a place Nelson used to frequent in his early years.

Before being recalled to service in 1792, he is known to have stayed in Room 5. Nelson would also catch the morning coach to London from Burnham Market, as well as receiving his dispatch papers there.

He also used the Pitt Arms as a recruiting post. ‘A History of The Hoste’, a book celebrating The Hoste’s strong maritime connections and links with Lord Nelson is available from The Hoste –

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Lynn’s magnificent treasure on the move

From Left: County Archivist Gary Tuson, Cllr Elizabeth Nockolds, Council Leader Nick Daubney and Project Curator Dr  Andy Mills.

From Left: County Archivist Gary Tuson, Cllr Elizabeth Nockolds, Council Leader Nick Daubney and Project Curator Dr Andy Mills. On the table: The 14th Century Red Register, King John Cup & King John Charter.

Staff at King’s Lynn Town Hall have started packing away the town’s archive and collections in preparation for a £2.7 million enhancement project.

Around 250 objects including the 14th century Red Register, one of the earliest paper records in England, the King John Charter, silverware and paintings will be carefully packed ready to be transferred to the Norfolk Record Office.

The collection housed at the town hall also includes a number of ceremonial items, such as the Queen Anne silver maces and the King John Sword. These items will be retained in the borough and continue to be used at civic functions, including Mayormaking in May.

The beautiful King John Cup

The beautiful King John Cup

The King John Cup, sword and a facsimilie of the King John Charter will also be retained within the borough and will be exhibited as part of celebrations marking the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta.

Following cleaning and any necessary conservation, all the items will return to King’s Lynn ready for the opening of a new Stories of Lynn multi-media exhibition and purpose-built archive space.

The Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk has invested £800,000 into the project and has been made possible thanks to a Heritage Lottery Fund grant of £1,850,600.

Cllr Elizabeth Nockolds, Cabinet Member for Culture, Tourism and Marketing, said: “Today is a very exciting day for us, as it marks the moment where all our planning is beginning to be turned into reality.

“Medieval Lynn was a port of national importance with a thriving economy and active political life. The legacy of these times is evident in our extensive archive and the very fabric of the magnificent buildings which make up the town hall complex.

“Stories of Lynn will enable this history to be brought to life, giving people greater access both to the buildings and archive, and, through the multi-media exhibitions and programme of activities, new ways to explore our history.”

Robyn Llewellyn, Head of Heritage Lottery Fund said, “Like a treasure trove of family heirlooms, these remarkable collections will be carefully packed away… but not for long! When they return they’ll be part of a multi-million pound project that puts the Stories of Lynn back at the heart of the town.”

Work is due to be completed by Easter 2016.

King John Charter

King John Charter

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Fascinating talks at Trues Yard

Trues Yard Fishing Heritage Museum

Trues Yard Fishing Heritage Museum

Trues Yard Fisherfolk Museum are presenting their latest series of fascinating local history talks from Thursday 29th January.

As usual all talks are on Thursdays between 1pm-2pm and are FREE, but there is a donation box for those who wish to support the Museum and their mission.

The series kicks off with a follow up talk on the Bells of St Nicholas with speaker Peter Trent. Any donations from this first talk will go toward saving the St Nicholas Bells.

Then to kick off True’s Talks proper – On 5th February local historian Dr Paul Richards will be speaking on the subject of King John and King’s Lynn’s Magna Carta. For it has been 800 years since the Magna Carta was signed in 1215 – the very basis of the British Constitution. Perhaps he’ll also provide a clue to where all that treasure went in the Wash!

Next up on 12th February is something a lot more dark and dangerous from the annals of history. Opium in the Fens by speaker Jeff Hoyle. Learn about how the humble poppy, so prevalent last year was used to brew a potent narcotic and discover who chased the dragon in Victorian Norfolk!

Returning to more familiar territory the next speaker on 19th February is Charlotte Crawley who will be discussing Turner, Cotman and Saving Lives at Sea. She also will be touching upon George William Manby, local author, who invented the breeches buoy – a lifesaving device which fired rescue ropes to shipwrecked sailors – and the first modern pressurised fire extinguisher!

On 26th February Tricia McCarron will be providing a follow up talk to the one she gave in the last spring series Women in the North End where we learned that the women of the North End were well educated, tough as oak and faced with large feeding families (as many as 17 children!) on incredibly limited budgets.

All the way from Cambridge the next speaker on 5th March will be Michael Chisholm on the Spalding Gentlemen’s Society. This fascinating tale began in 1710 with the founding of the society of gentlemen with an interest in antiquities, much like the famous Howard Carter who grew up in neighbouring Swaffham. Second only to the Ashmolean the Spalding Gentlemen’s Club houses the oldest Museum collection in the country.

To coincide with the 70th Anniversary of WW2 this year- on 12th March, Christopher Pope will be giving his follow up to his talk on Lynn’s Aviation History from its inception-to just after WW1. This time it is Decoys, Baked Spuds, Spare Legs and Secret Airfields: Lynn’s Aviation History in WW2. Proof, if proof was needed, when it comes to Norfolk history, truth is most definitely stranger than fiction!

From the skies to the seas, Tim Clayton will be speaking on 19th March about the Baden Powell, Lynn’s famous ship constructed in 1900 by the Worfolks (it was the first fishing vessel they built) and recently awarded a Heritage Lottery grant of £77,000 for its restoration.

Moving from fishing vessels to fishermen is a talk with Arthur Paynter: The New North End: Edwardian Loke Road. Rather than focussing on the slum clearances this talk will focus on the wealthier fishermen who chose to move to Loke Road.

Finally on the evening of the 9th April the second Pat Midgley Memorial Lecture will take place at the Town Hall 6:30pm-7pm start.

All tickets, for the True’s Talks are now available. The Pat Midgley Memorial Lecture tickets will be available from March.

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Light show to mark Zeppelin raids

Remembering Zeppelin Raid 300

On the evening of Monday 19 January King’s Lynn Custom House will provide the backdrop for a sound and light show marking the centenary of the first Zeppelin raids.

On 19 January 1915 two German Zeppelins swept down the east coast. The first strike hit Great Yarmouth, claiming two lives. The second of the German airships continued along the east coast dropping bombs at Sheringham, Thornham, Brancaster, Hunstanton, Heacham and Snettisham before reaching King’s Lynn at around 10.30 pm, where a further two civilians, Percy Goate and Alice Maud Gazley, died. It is estimated that the attack caused over £7,000 of material damage along the east coast.

The attack was the first aerial bombing of the First World War and marked a turning point in the First World War; no longer was war constrained to the battlefields, but it was brought into civilian streets. This shift to what some historians might call ‘total war’, along with the awesome scale (the L4 which bombed Lynn was 518 ft 2 in long and 48 ft 6 in diameter) and eerie noise of the aircraft made the Zeppelin a powerful symbol of the war.

The light show will run from 4 pm until 10 pm Monday 19 until Sunday 25 January. On Monday, the anniversary of the raid, the light show at 10 pm will be accompanied by a soundscape created by pyrotechnics and will draw to a close with 100 red flares floating across the The Wash signifying this centenary year. To support attendance at the event, the council is offering free parking in council car parks after 6 pm on Monday 19 January.

The light show, which has been adapted from an animation courtesy of Compost Creative, has been created by artist Julia Dantonnet on behalf of the Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk, and is part of a week-long (19-25 January) series of events, Zeppelin Week, organised by the West Norfolk and King’s Lynn Archaeological Society.

The programme includes: an evening of commemoration hosted by Borough Mayor, Barry Ayres at King’s Lynn Town Hall, where Marham Bluebirds Military Wives Choir will perform; public lectures, a poetry event at King’s Lynn Library and Commemoration Conference at Marriot’s Warehouse and children’s activties at True’s Yard Fisherfolk Museum, to name but a few. The full programme is below and is available on the archaeological society’s website ( and the borough council’s website.

Cllr Elizabeth Nockolds, Borough Council Cabinet Member said, “The Zeppelin strikes represented a change in the strategy of war and brought, in a very real sense, war to the doorsteps of people living in King’s Lynn. It is important to remember both the tragic night of the bombing and the wider role of our community in the overall war effort. The light show, along with the talks, conferences and activities organised by West Norfolk and King’s Lynn Archaeological Society, will give people the opportunity to explore this part of our history and to remember the courage and sacrifice of those involved.”

Dr. Clive Bond, Chairperson, West Norfolk and King’s Lynn Archaeological Society, said, “The fatal attack on Lynn on the evening of 19th January 1915, will forever be remembered by local people; people still talk of their father’s seeing the zeppelin hovering menacingly above our town’s streets. Zeppelin Week is for everyone, to take part, learn about, and commemorate this unique local and national story!’

The light show is being created as an extension of the Interreg IV A France (Channel) England programme, Art, Cities, Landscape, which combined art and architecture with landscaping to bring enhancements to the public realm. For more information about the project please see

Full list of activities for Zeppelins Over Norfolk Week

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Zeppelins over Norfolk week

WW1 Zeppelin raid on Snettisham, Norfolk. 19th January 1915

WW1 Zeppelin raid on Snettisham, Norfolk. 19th January 1915. Painting by local artist Ben Mullarkey

The 19th of January 2015 marks the anniversary of 100 years since the first airship raid on Britain. The terrifying German Zeppelin dropped bombs on Great Yarmouth and Kings Lynn killing four people.

Two civilians; Percy Goate and Alice Gazley were both killed when the L4 Zeppelin dropped bombs on Bentinck Street, King’s Lynn. Their stories are told in Lynn Museum’s temporary exhibition ‘King’s Lynn and the First World War.’

The display includes a large model of the L4 Zeppelin made by local man Fred White.

Zeppelin week will run in King’s Lynn from 19 to 25 January with various community run events being held about the town.

There are three commemorative events at Lynn Museum:

Wednesday 21st January 2.30pm-3.30pm – ‘Zeppelins Over Norfolk’ a talk by Steve Pope.

Thursday 22nd January 10.30am-12.00noon – WWI themed coffee morning with pop-up poetry.

Saturday 24th January 10.00am-4.00pm – WWI Living history event.
Call 01553 775001 for more details.

For a full programme of local events visit:

Lynn Museum is located at Market Street, (by the bus station) King’s Lynn PE30 1NL Tel: 01553 775001.

Light show to mark Zeppelin raids

On the evening of Monday 19 January King’s Lynn Custom House will provide the backdrop for a sound and light show marking the centenary of the first Zeppelin raids.

The light show will run from 4 pm until 10 pm Monday 19 until Sunday 25 January. On Monday, the anniversary of the raid, the light show at 10 pm will be accompanied by a soundscape created by pyrotechnics and will draw to a close with 100 red flares floating across the The Wash signifying this centenary year. To support attendance at the event, the council is offering free parking in council car parks after 6 pm on Monday 19 January.

Zeppelin Week – Full Programme

Monday 19 January
Service of Reflection. All Saints Church, South Lynn, 7.30 pm

Monday – Friday Light show, King’s Lynn Custom House, 4- 10 pm. On Monday a special showing will be accompanied by a soundscape at 10 pm to mark the anniversary of the raid. Provided by the Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk)

Tuesday 20 January
Pop-up Poetry, King’s Lynn Library 1.00 – 1.30 pm

Wednesday 21 January
World War One, Public Lecture, Lynn Museum (provided by the Norfolk Museum Service) 2.30 – 3.30 pm

World War One Commemoration evening, St Mary’s Church, Long Sutton, 4.30 – 6.30 pm

Thursday 22 January
World War One Coffee Morning and Pop-up Poetry, Lynn Museum

World War One, An Evening of Dedication with Marham Bluebirds Military Wives Choir, King’s Lynn Town Hall, 7.30 pm – 9.45 pm. Ticket cost £6 and can be purchased Wed-Sat from True’s Yard Fisherfolk Museum (01553 770479, Proceeds raised from the sale of tickets will be donated to the museum.

Friday 23 January
Make a Zeppelin, children’s event, True’s Yard Fisherfolk Museum, 11 am – 3 pm

Saturday 24 January
Commemoration, Hardwick Road Cemetery, 2.00 – 2.20 pm

World War One Living History Event, Lynn Museum (provided by Norfolk Museum Service) 10.00 am – 4.00 pm

Sunday 25 January
World War One Commemoration Conference, Marriott’s Warehouse, King’s Lynn

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King’s Lynn Heritage Day ~ more pictures

All photos on this page courtesy of Kevin Elfleet.

Heritage Day0003

Heritage Day0002

Heritage Day0005

Heritage Day0004

Heritage Day0008

Heritage Day0007

Heritage Day0001

Heritage Day0006

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King’s Lynn Heritage Day ~ in pictures

Heritage Day was the biggest ever this year, with thousands of visitors flocking into King’s Lynn …

Tuesday Market Place was packed with visitors to Lynn's first ever Classic Car Day.

Tuesday Market Place was packed with visitors to Lynn’s first ever Classic Car Day.

Ther was a long queue of people wanting to visit the air raid shelters.

There was a long queue of people wanting to visit the air raid shelters.

The only surviving "Cooper Car" made in King's Lynn!

The only surviving “Cooper Car” made in King’s Lynn!

Enthusiasts gather round a Model T Ford.

Enthusiasts gather round a Model T Ford.

A familiar sight on Heritage Day - Boats on Legs!

A familiar sight on Heritage Day – Boats on Legs!

Priory Cottages Garden, near the Minster,  was open for the first time.

Priory Cottages Garden, near the Minster, was open for the first time.

A peek inside Hampton Court's Secret Garden.

A peek inside Hampton Court’s Secret Garden.

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Over 200 vehicles expected for Classic Car Day

Cllrs Chris Crofts and Nick Daubney try out the Cooper Car.

A real coup for the event is Cooper Roller Bearings’s agreement to display ‘The Cooper Car’

King’s Lynn is the place to be on Sunday 14 September with the popular Heritage Open Day and the inaugural King’s Lynn Classic Car day all taking place.

Over 50 places of interest will be available for visitors to see free of charge and over 200 vehicles are expected to fill the town’s historic Tuesday Market Place adding further to the free activities available on Sunday.

Interest in the King’s Lynn Classic Car Day has been such that it has already been relocated to the Tuesday Market Place from its original planned venue of the town’s waterfront.

1919 Ford Model T. Photo: S Foskett

1919 Ford Model T. Photo: S Foskett

Vehicles that will be on display on Sunday include a Model T Ford, an e-type Jaguar, an Austin ‘Chummy’, a Chevvy pick up, a Ford Mustang and a Riley 6, to name but a few.

A real coup for the event is Cooper Roller Bearings Company Limited’s agreement to display ‘The Cooper Car’ – the only surviving example of the six cars that were made at the Cooper factory in King’s Lynn in the early 1900s.

The Cooper cars were handsome models typical of the Edwardian era. They had a two-stroke, four-cylinder, 3.5-litre, 22-horse-power engine. Six forward gears and two reverse gears and was the only engine in which the valves added to the power.

The car had a top speed of 40mph and cost £380. At the time, motoring journals praised their ingenious design. The car is rarely displayed so it is a real opportunity to see such a vehicle.

Flashback to April when classic cars invaded the Vancouver Quarter.

Flashback to April when classic cars invaded the Vancouver Quarter.

During the event, vehicle exhibitors will be asked to vote for the car they believe to be deserving of the Les Daubney Best In Show Award. The Award will be announced at the end of the day.

The Tuesday Market Place air raid shelters will also be open for the day and will be manned by volunteers from Bridge for Heroes, a local charity which provides support to the HM Armed Forces community, veterans and their families through respite breaks, compensation claims, pensions advice, veteran advice and guidance and housing advice.

The King’s Lynn Civic Society working with English Heritage, the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk, the King’s Lynn Preservation Trust, the King’s Lynn Town Guides and Friends groups, have arranged a jam-packed programme of activities and open buildings for the Heritage Open Days. Download the brochure for details including special events, talks and exhibitions.

Vintage London Bus

Veteran bus will provide free transport on Heritage Day.

There is also a veteran bus arranged which is free for everyone to use on the day. So, if you feel that some places are a bit far to get to on foot, simply hop on the bus (see bus stops and timetable information on the back page of the 2014 programme.)

These free events take place between 10am and 4pm and car parking on the day costs just £1 from 9am.

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Heritage Open Day 2014 ~ Bigger and better than ever!

Cover of this years programme.

Cover of this year’s programme.

This year’s Heritage Open Day on Sunday 14th September promises to be bigger and better than ever, with over 50 King’s Lynn properties open to the public and lots of new events, including exhibitions, open gardens, story telling, music, art and dance demonstrations.

Also new this year will be a Classic Car Show to be held on the Tuesday Market Place, and a chance to go underground in an air raid shelter.

At the first King’s Lynn Classic Car Day, visitors will be able to see the “Cooper Car”, one of only 6 ever made at the Cooper Roller Bearings factory in 1909, and the only one to survive.

World War 2 air raid shelters were re-discovered during work on the Tuesday Market Place last year. The shelters were adapted for use from existing underground tunnels in 1939, and included two toilets and wooden benches around the walls.

The remains of a Benedictine Priory attached to St Margaret’s Church can be visited at Priory Gardens, and there will be access to Hampton Court Secret Garden via St Margaret’s Lane.

Visitors will be able to climb aboard the Three Counties catamaran, moored at the pontoons down on the quay and learn all about the Inland Fisheries Conservation Authority and the work they do around our coast.

There are also 14 artistically created landscape projects to view at various locations throughout the town created by highly talented artists and landscapers from France with the help of local people. These are all interspersed amongst King’s Lynn’s historic streets, gardens and along the waterfront, all worthwhile taking the time to explore and enjoy.

Heritage Open Day takes place in King’s Lynn on Sunday 14th September 2014 from 10am to 4pm. Full details can viewed by clicking the link below …

View or Download Full Programme (pdf)

Inside one of the air raid shelters under the Tuesday Market Place.

Inside one of the air raid shelters under the Tuesday Market Place.

King's Lynn Councillors and representatives of Coopers launch the new Classic Car Day.

King’s Lynn Councillors and representatives of Coopers launch the new Classic Car Day.

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Freedom Parade ~ RAF will march through Lynn

Freedom of the Borough Parade 2

Personnel from Royal Air Force Marham will exercise their Freedom of Borough and parade through King’s Lynn on Sunday 10 August.

Two flights of serving personnel will form the Freedom Parade, which will take place at 12 noon on Sunday 10 August in the Tuesday Market Place, King’s Lynn.

The station was first granted the Freedom of the Borough in 1981, which allows personnel to march through the town with ‘bayonets fixed, colours flying and bands playing’. Today, the parade has become an opportunity for local people to show their support of the station and its personnel.

Ahead of the parade, at 11.00, the Marham Bluebirds Military Wives Choir will perform and there will be an opportunity to explore stands by local charities Scottie’s Little Soldiers and Bridge for Heroes.

Deputy Borough Mayor, Cllr Colin Manning, said: “We have a long and strong association with Royal Air Force Marham and the Freedom Parade is the perfect way to celebrate our connections and thank the men and women from RAF Marham for their service to our community. I hope lots of people join us on Sunday 10 August to show their support.”

Group Captain Harvey Smyth, Officer Commanding Royal Air Force Marham, said: “We are very much looking forward to excercising our Freedom of the Borough. It’s always a memorable occasion and the warm reception we receive from the local community is a great boost to our service men and women.”

The parade will march on from Common Staithe Quay and form up on the Tuesday Market Place at 11.40. The civic procession, led by the mayor’s Staffbearer, Swordbearer and Macebearers and including Deputy Borough Mayor Cllr Colin Manning and Deputy Mayoress, Julie Manning, will proceed from the town hall along High Street and arrive at Tuesday Market Place just before noon. The deputy major will take the salute and inspect the parade before addressing those assembled on the Tuesday Market Place. The Band of the Royal Air Force Regiment will play by permission of the Air Force Board of the Defence Council.

A parking offer, enabling people to park from 10 am onwards (until midnight on surface car parks and 11.30 pm at the St James’ multi-storey car park) for just £1 will be offered on the day of the parade. The offer applies to all borough council owned car parks.

To prepare for the parade, Tuesday Market Place and Common Staithe Quay will be cordoned off in the early hours of Sunday morning. The car park will be closed from midnight on Saturday 9 August. For security reasons, any cars still in the roped off areas will be removed by the police. Also, for security reasons, there may be some very brief intermittent road closures in Tuesday Market Place and the junctions surrounding it, along with Page Stair Lane and Water Lane, between 0900 and 1300. The road around Tuesday Market Place will be closed from 1130 for one hour during the parade.

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Pictures ~ Commemoration and Lighting of Candles in Tower Gardens

Tower Gardens War Memorial 1

On Monday August 4th members of the Royal British Legion and a crowd of several hundred people took part in a very moving event in Tower Gardens commemorating the start of the First World War.

After tributes, readings and hymns, candles were lit …

Tower Gardens War Memorial 2

Tower Gardens War Memorial 3

Tower Gardens War Memorial 4

Tower Gardens War Memorial 6

Tower Gardens War Memorial 5

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Single candle projected on Custom House for Lights Out

Photos: Kevin Elfleet

Photos: Kevin Elfleet

‘Night Sailors’, the stunning projection show which has been lighting up the Custom House will be taking a pause tonight, and between 10pm and 11pm, only a single candle will be displayed.

The candle is being displayed as part of the Lights Out initiative, which is encouraging people to turn out their lights to commemorate the outbreak of WW1 a hundred years ago.

Cllr Nick Daubney, Leader of the Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk, said: “We felt this was a fitting way to show that we were acknowleding Lights Out. We are grateful to the artist Julia Dantonnet, for making the changes to her creation and hope that it inspires others to take part in the initiative and to turn their lights out between 10pm and 11pm tonight.”

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Public invited to take part in LIGHTS OUT event

Lights Out

In one of the most ambitious UK-wide events ever organised, everyone in the UK is being invited to take part in LIGHTS OUT by turning off their lights from 10pm to 11pm on Monday 4 August and to leave on a single light or candle for a shared moment of reflection to mark the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War.

Members of the public can take part in whatever way they choose, either at home or by going out to experience a LIGHTS OUT event in their local area.

The project is being organised by 14-18 NOW, the official cultural programme for the First World War Centenary Commemorations.

The inspiration for LIGHTS OUT comes from a famous remark made on the eve of the outbreak of war by the then Foreign Secretary, Sir Edward Grey: “The lamps are going out all over Europe; we shall not see them lit again in our life-time”. Britain declared war on Germany at 11pm on 4 August 1914 ushering in one of the darkest periods in our history.

The centenary will be marked by a series of events and services across the UK on 4 August in which members of the public are invited to participate. These range widely to include: the motorbike community of Portsmouth gathering at the Viewpoint and shining hundreds of headlights across the city; a special service at Bevis Marks Synagogue, the oldest synagogue in London; a projection of the night sky as it was on 3 August 1914 at Birmingham’s Thinktank Planetarium; a torch-lit procession at the Bowes Museum in Teesdale; and a candlelit vigil at a replica WW1 trench in Newtonabbey.

In Piccadilly Circus, a “roll of honour” will be screened on the world-famous Piccadilly Lights, commemorating over 2,000 residents from Westminster who fought and died in the First World War.

Thousands of iconic buildings, landmarks and institutions across the UK have agreed to take part by turning off their lights at 10pm that evening. They include Blackpool Illuminations, the Houses of parliament, Tate, the Eden Project, the Imperial War Museums, Wales Millennium Centre, Durham Cathedral, Gateshead Millennium Bridge, Old Trafford, Lincoln Castle and the National History Museum. Across the City of London a number of buildings and offices will go dark including St Pauls’ Cathedral and Bloomberg’s European headquarters.

The Royal British Legion is supporting LIGHTS OUT and has launched a campaign for at least one million candles to be lit across the UK. Other organisations supporting LIGHTS OUT include the Football Association, Women’s Institute, Marks & Spencer, Lancashire County Cricket Club, Home Office and the British Library.

Tower Gardens War Memorial 600 rounded

Here in King’s Lynn at 7.30pm there will be a Commemoration Event attended by local dignitaries, churches and schools, with a Service of Remembrance in Tower Gardens, featuring a Lighting of Candles ceremony.

Everyone can take part in this tribute to those who lost their lives in the Great War, and are asked to provide their own candles. Commemorative candles can be obtained from Marks & Spencer.

Dignitaries, Churches and Schools are attending and everyone is invited to attend this unique occasion. Afterwards everyone welcome at the The Royal British Legion Club.

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Review ~ Not About Heroes

We were privileged to view the opening night of Not About Heroes, at the Westacre Theatre on Thursday.

Not About Heroes is the story of the friendship of Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen, who were brought together during the First World War under strange and strained circumstances and encouraged each other to write poems about their dreadful experiences on the battlefield.

It’s an evocative play, written by Stephen MacDonald and culled from the letters, diaries and poems of the two poets. It proves to be a warm, moving and insightful account of the trajectory of this short but ‘strangely fruitful’ friendship.

Drama students Ross Chandler (as Sassoon) and Oliver Parkes (as Owen) really immersed themselves in the characters to give a very moving and convincing performance.

It gave us real feel for how it felt to be on the front line, and left us drained emotionally. But we wouldn’t have missed one of the best dramas we have ever seen, and would highly recommend that you go along and see it.

Not About Heroes is showing at the Westacre Theatre on the following dates: Friday 1, Saturday 2,Thursday 7, Friday 8 and Saturday 9 August at 7.30pm.

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