Captain Vancouver

The Discovery rounds Cape Flattery.
Painting: The Discovery rounds Cape Flattery By John Horton


Captain Vancouver: Local Hero

In April 1792, Lynn’s most famous son, Captain George Vancouver’s ship Discovery beat a convoy of American ships to the northwest coast of America to declare the land as “British Columbia”.

Captain Vancouver and his brave men were confronted with the most complicated coastline ever to be charted. He littered the new land with names that would be recognised by people from West Norfolk.

Vancouver, British Columbia was named after the man himself. Today it is Canada’s largest port, and the birthplace of container shipping.

The great passion of Canadian adventurer and Artist John Horton, is the restoration of George Vancouver’s reputation.

“I am very incensed that Vancouver never received the recognition he deserved and was unfairly and maliciously tarnished by an influential subordinate. All of my research points to Vancouver being a great man,” Horton says. “If it wasn’t for George Vancouver, we’d be today Spanish, American or Russian.”

In fact, Horton remains so moved by Vancouver’s plight that he went on a 3-year expedition aboard an ex-US navy barge, painting pictures which depict the historic voyage of this extraordinary 18th century explorer.

A Millennium Exhibition of his paintings appeared in King’s Lynn, Alaska State Museum, Oregon State Museum, Seattle, Ottawa, Vancouver and Hawaii.