Famous People from around King’s Lynn

Here are some famous people who lived in the King’s Lynn area:

Captain George Vancouver
Sea-faring hero, who discovered parts of Canada. More here

Frederick Savage
Engineer, famous for making steam-driven carousels.

Roger L’Estrange
An English author and staunch defender of royalist claims.

Fanny Burney
English novelist, diarist and playwright.

Daniel Gurney

Henry Bell

Ruth Roche, Baroness Fermoy

Margery Kempe

Roger Taylor
Drummer with rock band Queen.

Odile Crick

John Capgrave

John Thomas Baines

Captain John Mason

Francis Goodwin

Martin John Saggers

William Sawtrey

Eugene Aram

Alan of Lynn

Samuel Gurney Cresswell

Admiral Sir Ernest Troubridge

Martin Brundle

William Burkitt 1825- 1906

Recognising the importance of cheap transport for his business, he was one of the promoters of the King’s Lynn Docks & Railway Co. in 1865. He remained a director of the company until 1888, during which time it dredged out the old river channel to take larger ships, built the Alexandra Dock (1869) and the Bentinck Dock (1883), owned warehouses and mills, and laid down a three-quarter mile branch railway connecting with the GER, which worked the docks railway by agreement. William Burkitt also served two terms as mayor of the Borough of King’s Lynn (1863-64 and 1886-87) and was a magistrate and a director of the local gas company. He married in 1881 at the age of 56 Emma Rodwell Durrant; his wife, ten years his junior, died in 1892 and William Burkitt paid for the restoration of the Trinity Chapel of St Margaret’s Church, of which he was a churchwarden, as a memorial to her.

William Burkitt himself died at the age of 81 on 7 June 1906, leaving an estate valued at £219,501, a very substantial sum in those days.

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