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Haunted    Lynn

Red Mount

The Red Mount, St James Park

This tiny chapel was built in 1485 and its roof is often compared to that of King’s College Chapel in Cambridge. According to legend there is a secret tunnel linking the chapel to Castle Rising to the north of King’s Lynn. It is said that a drunken fiddler named Curtis decided to explore the tunnel, traditionally associated with fear and evil. His pet dog went with him and they were never seen again. On occasions he can still be heard playing his tunes, with the dog whimpering to get out!

Castle Rising

Not far from King's Lynn and Sandringham, this is a remarkable Norman keep inside huge hill fortifications. Castle Rising Castle (English Heritage) was built around 1140 by Henry Albini to celebrate his marriage. Queen Isabella, the 'She-Wolf of France', was kept prisoner here after the execution of her lover Mortimer, as she consented to the murder of her husbband, Edward II. She is said to have gone mad here, and her shreiks may be heard ringing out from the castle walls.

The Duke's Head, Tuesday Market Place

The inn dates from 1683, and in the 18th century it became famous as a coaching inn, with stages leaving for Yarmouth, Norwich and London. The near-forgotten story of a ghost who haunts the inn could be that of a maidservant executed in the Square for poisoning her mistress.

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Gaywood Clock - Spooky !
Gaywood Clock

To view a video about the ghosts of King's Lynn Click here

We've received the following E-mails:

Carole Hoke, who now lives in Washington USA, writes: "Hi! I lived in Gaywood, just east of Lynn and had my wedding reception at a cake shop that had a restaurant above it facing the Clock. It may still be there as the building was very old (l5thc?) and may be listed.  Anyway, next door was a hairdressing salon and a friendly ghost lived in the building and always turned on all the dryers when the weather was very cold so that the beauticians wouldn't be cold when they came to work.  Check it out, I had two different people tell me the same story. All the best to all in Lynn, I left home in 1958, my brother lives in Dersingham."

  James Whyley writes: "Apparently there is a diamond shaped brick, with a heart carved in its centre set in the wall of a house on the north-west corner of Tuesday Market, where the heart of a witch (Margaret Read) who was burnt at the stake leapt from her body and bounded off through the lanes and into the river Ouse!" - thanks James!

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