Clifton House Watchtower

View from the top of Clifton House Watchower

In April 1999 1,000 visitors enjoyed this view from the top of Lynn’s Watchtower at Clifton House. The 5-storey watchtower was used by 16th century merchants to check on ships coming down the river.

On the left, the River Great Ouse can be seen heading out towards The Wash. In the centre is the famous Custom House, and to the right the white building is Lynn’s tallest structure, a storage silo. This landmark can be clearly seen from 20 miles away and every Christmas a display of lights are put on the top, which appears as a strange triangle floating in the sky.

(Authors Note: I am really scared of heights and it took all my courage to go up and get this picture. I was hanging on to the drainpipe for dear life at the time – just goes to show my dedication to the website!)