Future View Of South Lynn

The NORA Project

Plans for the future of Lynn

The NORA Project

Plans for the future of Lynn

The Vision

Note: Since this was first published, building work has been well under way with large areas of new housing in place, a new park and the new road link is now fully working.

Projects such as the Boat Haven and Hotel have been delayed, mainly due to the current economic climate. ~ Updated October 2010

The Nar Ouse Regeneration Area is the single most important opportunity for King’s Lynn to fulfill its own ambitions for the next century. It is a unique combination of opportunites to:

  • restore the damages of the industrial past,

  • create the best quality environment for families and residents to live, work and spend their leisure time,

  • create a vibrant new focus for visitors and residents that celebrates its history, and

  • bring new economic activity to the area.

Over several years, the town has the chance to strengthen its focal role as the centre of a region. By preserving the best of the past and present, building a partnership for the future that attracts investment from public and private sources, while meeting the needs of local people and businesses, the Nar Ouse Regeneration Area (NORA) can become the economic engine of King’s Lynn in an exciting and sustainable from of new development.

Development Opportunities

The Nar Ouse corridor presents an unprecedented opportunity for King’s Lynn to attract new investment in employment, housing, shopping and other local services, leisure uses and new open spaces. The proposals have the potential to transform the perception of King’s Lynn as a location for investment by precipitating high quality investment to the area. The benefits from regeneration will be significant; the framework will result in the order of:

  • 1,550 new jobs

  • between 450-500 new homes

  • 26 hectares of derelict and contaminated land reclaimed

  • a major new route into the Corridor and to the town

  • a new boat haven at Friars Fleet

  • a new standard in residential development

The proposals aim to create an environment which is attractive as a place to visit and to live and work. These aims are reflected in the following development opportunities:

Friars Fleet – A mix of uses including a waterfront hotel, visitor retail, business and leisure uses, and waterside homes – with a boat haven.

Hardings Pits – A major new town park which can accommodate either formal or informal town events.

South Lynn Urban Village – Major new housing development, integrated with the existing communities of South Lynn and the Friars.

Riverside Park – A linear park with strategic footpath and cycle routes which follow the line of the River Nar.

Resident Facilities – Enhanced local shopping and community facilities set around a series of local landscaped squares.

South Gate – New residential and local shopping and pub, with commercial uses on the south side.

South Lynn Regeneration Route – Proposed new road to relieve the impact of traffic on South Lynn and to improve access to the new Riverside Business Park and King’s Lynn.

Riverside Buisness Park – A major new employment park together with the potential for some recreational or community facilities.

Environmental Improvements – Cleaning up contaminated land, including the removal of the Muck Works building and other derelict industrial buildings.

Saddlebow Road – Access for buses and local residents only from the junction of the A47 to improve public transport and improve the community safety of South Lynn residents.