St Nicholas Chapel (and Ghost)

st nicholas chapel

The spire of St Nicholas Chapel is one of the landmarks of King’s Lynn and can be clearly seen from some distance. The original 12th century spire was blown down in a great gale in September 1741. The present 170ft replacement dates from 1870.

Buried under the floor is somebody by the name of Robinson Cruso! Also interred inside is Sir Benjamin Keene, born in Lynn in 1697, who became ambassador to the court of Spain.

The chapel can be found just off the Tuesday Market Place – very easy to spot! – but has been closed for regular worship since 1968. It is now only used for concerts and special religious occasions.

st nicholas graveyard

Also interesting is The Ghost of St Nicholas: Press gangs were very active in King’s Lynn during the Napoleonic Wars, and young men would come up with all sorts of ingenious ideas to avoid capture.

Fearing that he would be forced onto a ship, one man hid in a tomb in the graveyard. When his wife visited the man at night to bring him food she would always dress in a long white gown.

This vision of a woman in white crossing the graveyard is thought to have created this legend.