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Slow Norfolk & Suffolk: by Laurence Mitchell

Laurence Mitchell, long-time resident of Norfolk, invites travellers to the region to take a leisurely sojourn around both the well known sights and off-the-beaten track secrets in a personal tour that takes in the coast and villages, remote marshes, beaches, shingle banks, towns and cities of Norfolk and Suffolk.

Conservation projects, boat trips, cycle and walking tours, wildlife and bird watching and distinctive vernacular architecture are just some of the attractions which Laurence describes in his distinctive voice, as well as all the practical details you need for an easy relaxing break. What’s more, the unique accommodation descriptions from Alastair Sawday mean that you can be sure of a truly ‘slow’ visit.

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Samphire Coast by Robert Greenfield

Samphire Coast is a rattling good read. From the graphic descriptions of his time as a fashion designer on the hip New York scene when in his twenties to finding, renovating and then running a luxurious boutique B and B on the North Norfolk coast Robert Greenfield’s candour and enthusiasm bubble through every sentence.

Neither he nor his partner Mike had any previous hotel experience but with hard work and originality they turn Holly Lodge into a successful, stylish and award-winning venue. Many who stay are lovely but far more interesting are those whose extraordinary behaviour is rib-ticklingly bizarre and sometimes downright wacky.

This is a fast-paced, fun-packed, often racy, read of life behind the scenes of a top-class B and B set against a fascinating Norfolk background. In this debut work Robert Greenfield wears his heart on his sleeve and the book is all the better for it.

Twisted Fate by Claire Upton

Written by King’s Lynn author Claire Upton, this is a heart-warming story of love, loss and acceptance set in Norfolk.

Natalie Walsh is successful in her career, has great friends and subsequent social agenda. She is not looking for love but serendipity takes a hand and leads her towards Matt Samson, a down-to-earth Farm Manager.

Fate however steps in and twists her life into an unrecognisable form. How will she put her life back together or more’s the case, does she want her old life back? If she does, is it possible after her course has changed?

A Room full of Bones by Elly Griffiths

Night falls on Halloween eve, the museum in King’s Lynn is preparing for an unusual event – the opening of a coffin excavated from the site of a medieval church.

But when archaeologist Dr Ruth Galloway arrives to supervise, she finds the museum’s curator lying dead beside it.

Ruth and Detective Inspector Nelson are forced to cross paths once again when he’s called in to investigate the murder, and their past tensions are reignited. And as Ruth becomes further embroiled in the case, she must decide where her loyalties lie – a choice that her very survival depends on.

Gin O’clock by The Queen [of Twitter]

‘It’s the sort of book to leave beside the loo, a jokey compilation you can dip in and out of – though I will be reading it from cover to cover, grinning from ear to ear because of its sharp, quick-witted and always apt sending-up of people with a public life.’ (foodepedia (blog) )

‘easily one of the funniest fictional Twitter accounts’ (Styleandthensome (blog) )

King’s Lynn by Paul Richards

King’s Lynn isn’t just a beautiful West Norfolk town with wonderful architecture, it has an amazing history also. Paul Richards book is informative, interesting and brilliant to read.

“imaginary_diva” (Review)


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