Motor Neurone Disease Association

The Norwich & Waveney Branch of the Motor Neurone Disease Association has the sole aim of serving all those in the area who are affected by Motor Neurone Disease (MND). This includes people with MND, their carers, family and friends, in fact anyone who has been touched in some way by the disease.

They liaise with health and social care professionals such as Speech and Language Therapists (SaLT), Occupational Therapists (this includes Wheelchair Services) and Neurological Nurses. National Office fund a Regional Care Development Adviser Post.

Their branch holds regular support meetings and lunches for people living with MND and their carers. These provide an opportunity to meet with other people living with the disease, and to share experiences and ideas.

The Norwich & Waveney Branch is run entirely by volunteers, many of whom have personal experience of the disease. They are always interested in hearing from people who can help with events or who want to get involved with running the branch. If you would like further information about their meetings, would like to receive a hard copy of our newsletter, Fightback, or wish to get involved with their branch, please visit www.mndnorwichandwaveney.org

For more information about the work of the Association, and up to date information regarding the disease, care and research, please visit the National Office website.


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