Ormiston Children and Families Trust

Ormiston Children and Families Trust is the leading children’s charity in East Anglia, working across six counties to ‘make young lives better’.

Ormiston prides itself on going where others fear to tread. They work with families who are affected by imprisonment; interact with gypsy and traveller communities; and support young people with issues.

Their Family Intervention Projects work with families who have a multiple and complex needs; especially relating to anti-social behaviour.They work closely with families through a dedicated ‘key worker’ who has a small deliberately caseload of families. Their role is to manage or ‘grip’ the family’s problems, co-ordinate the delivery of services and, using a combination of support and sanctions, to motivate behaviour changes.

Ormiston also works with parents to ensure that every child has a chance of the best start in life. Their Children’s Centres provide a place for us to work with parents during the first five years of their child’s life. They can provide practical help alongside advice and guidance. This might include an appointment with a midwives or health visitor, or Stay and Play sessions where little ones can explore the world through interesting play activities.

For more information visit www.ormiston.org or find them on Facebook and Twitter.


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