National Charity School Governors’ One-Stop Shop

National Charity School Governors’ One-Stop Shop (SGOSS) is working with the Norfolk Local Authority to call people from King’s Lynn and the rest of the county to come forward and volunteer as school governors.

School governors play an important part in raising standards in schools through three key roles:

  • setting strategic direction;
  • ensuring accountability;
  • monitoring and evaluating school performance.

Becoming a school governor is a unique development opportunity; you can learn and apply transferable skills, gaining experience in areas such as project management, recruitment, budget control, admin and marketing.

Being a school governor offers the chance to work alongside a wide range of people and to offer opinions and solutions to interesting challenges and topics. Also, volunteering in such a capacity provides a fantastic opportunity to gain a unique insight into the education system.

Governors do not need to be parents but do need an interest in education, a willingness to learn, and the ability to work as part of a team. The average time commitment is 6-8 hours per month.

Volunteering as a school governor is a chance to make a substantial and positive impact, working towards school improvement and a better community.

For further information please see www.sgoss.org.uk , email info@sgoss.org.uk or call 02073549805.

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